Supporting Public Education & Policy in the Professions

Supporting Public Education

  • Our faculty and students regularly give voice care workshops to student teachers at McGill and Toastmaster Members.
  • In the parnership with Jewish General Hospital, our faculty and students provide free swallowing awareness education to the public.
  • Dr. Linda Polka serves as judges of science fairs in local high schools. Dr. Nicole Li-Jessen serves as the judge of Canada-Wide Science Fair. 
  • The Child Phonology Lab sponsors a blog that provides education to educators and the general public about the use of and impact of digital media on child development.
  • Dr. Susan Rvachew is the editor of the Language and Literacy section (and upcoming Digital Media section) of the on-line Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development that provides education to the public in four languages.
  • Dr. Susan Rvachew's blog provides education to Speech-Language Pathologists world wide about the implications of the most recent research for the assessment and treatment of speech sound disorders in children.
  • The school bi-annual newsletter Speaking of Language informs the public of student outreach activities and provides education about communication disorders and helpful interventions.
  • Dr. Rvachew has edited a section of the online Encyclopaedia on Early Childhood Development entitled “Technology in Early Childhood Education” comprised of 5 papers contributed by leading experts, an introduction, synthesis, and policy commentary written by Dr. Rvachew and a pamphlet and resource links for parents.

Serving National/International Policy Boards of SLP

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