Providing Professional Training

  • Each year, the SCSD sponsors two free clinical education outreach seminars for SLPs in the community and the public. Topics include Autism Spectrum Disorder, the bullying of children presenting with communication difficulties, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, and many more.

  • The SCSD's Coordinators of Clinical Education offer a few training sessions each year to the Clinical Educators. Examples of topics covered: How to Provide Feedback, Peer Coaching, From Novice to Expert, etc.

  • Dr. Susan Rvachew and her students regularly provide workshops on request to SLPs and educators on the topics of Differential Diagnosis of Phonological vs Motor Speech Disorders, Approaches to the Treatment of Severe Speech Delay, Literacy Rich Preschool Class, Using Technology to Support Emergent Literacy. These workshops are a follow up to our clinical trials ECRIP (essai clinique randomisé sur les interventions phonologiques), TASC (treating apraxia of speech in children) and DMP (digital media project for children).

  • Dr. Elin Thordardottir has trained S-LPs in Iceland. 


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