Serving the Local Community


World Voice Day seminar

  • The SCSD visits two elementary schools per year to perform hearing screenings and provide prevention activities to groups of 5th and 6th graders on the topic of hearing and how to prevent hearing loss. Hearing screenings are performed on children and members of the staff.
  • Free On Campus Hearing Screenings are offered two days per year. SCSD students perform screenings and provide information about hearing, noice induced hearing loss, and preventative measures. Approximately 350 to 400 people are screened during this event.
  • The McGill Transition Support Program for Adults with ASD (Prof.s Aparna Nadig and Tara Flanagan) provided a small group format intervention (meeting for 10 weeks) to a total of 40 particpants from 2012-2015 as part of a randomized controlled trial. Outreach endeavours to share this program with service providers and educators and raise awareness of the need for transition support with the Quebec Ministries of Education, Health and Social Services, and Employment. 
  • In the partnership with ​Jewish General Hospital, SCSD students provide free ​swallowing screenings and ​information to the public on Swallowing Awareness Event.
  • In the partnership with CIRMMT, SCSD students provide free voice screenings and workshops in the celebration of World Voice Day.
  • In partnership with the AQPA (Association Québécoise des Personnes Aphasiques), the SCSD offers S-LP services to Quebec's Anglophone minority presenting with Aphasia two days per week (year round). On average, 9 or 10 students complete a practicum at AQPA every year. The students help to facilitate communication groups and plan activities that enhance communication.
  • In partnership with the The Child Center for Development and Mental Health of the Jewish General Hospital, the SCSD offers S-LP assessment and intervention services to children attending the day hospital. On average, 6 students complete a practicum at The Child Center per year. 
  • The SCSD's 1st Year students each provide 10 days of Phonological Awareness services in elementary schools. Students perform screenings to identify the children who are at risk of presenting with future reading difficulties, they facilitate whole class activites over 8 weeks, and they provide sub-groups and individual treatment. More than 350 children receive services every year.
  • SCSD Interns provide assessment and treatment services to children with severe speech disorders, either primary speech impairments or secondary to syndromes such as Down Syndrome, Fragile X etc. These services are provided as part of the research clinic coordinated by the Child Phonology Lab (TASC: Treating Apraxia of Speech in Children) during the spring/summer term each year. Spaces available vary from 4 to 12 annually based on the available funds.
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