October 21, 2014

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)

Introduction of Professors

  • New Professors will be introduced.
  • Recently Tenured Professors will be introduced.
  • Members who have been recently promoted to Full Professor will be introduced.

Adoption of Agenda

Please click here for a PDF-version of all the documents for the October Faculty Meeting 

Resolution on the Death of Emeritus Professor Joachim (Jim) Lambek,

Department of Mathematics & Statistics-Presented

by Prof Henri Darmon

Seating of Student Members -S-14-1 On Web   

Candidates for Degrees (for information only)

  • Bachelor of Arts and Science  - S-14-2 To be Tabled
  • Bachelor of Science - S-14-3 To be Tabled
  • Diploma in Environment - S-14-4 To be Tabled
  • Diploma in Meteorology - S-14-5 To be Tabled

Minutes of May 22, 2014  -S-13-35 On Web

Business Arising from the Minutes

- Minutes 906.14 to 906.16, GEOG 205 (AC-13-96)

Reports of Committees

Dean's Business

  • Enrolment - Associate Dean Tamara Western - S-14-9 To be Circulated
  • Announcements

Report on Actions of Senate

-Prof John Gyakum: Senate Meeting of September 17, 2014

Members' Question Period

Other Business

Academic Committee Documents


The Academic Committee approved the following on Tuesday, 23 September 2014:


SECTION A:     New Courses


1)  Redpath Museum

     REDM 511         Advanced Museum-Based Science                                                                      AC-14-1

                                 3 credits

2)  Medical Physics

     MDPH 396         Undergraduate Research Project                                                                      AC-14-3

                                  3 credits  


SECTION B:     (For Information)

1)   Computer Science                                                                                                                           AC-14-4

Cotutelle Program (Ph.D.  Program)                                                                                                  

2)   Courses on Dean's Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research List (DMURL)       AC-14-2            

3)    B.Sc. Global Designation                                                                                                                 AC-14-5










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