May 21, 2015 (degree)

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Thursday, May 21, 2015

3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)


1. Adoption of Agenda 

2. Resolution on the Death of Shew-Kuey (Tommy) Mark,

Sir William C. Macdonald Professor Emeritus of Physics

   Presented by Prof. Charles Gale, Department of Physics

3. Reports of Committees

a) Faculty of Science Excellence Award – Prof. Hans Larsson, Chair
b) Leo Yaffe Teaching Award – Prof. Edith Zorychta, Chair

4. Candidates for Degrees

- Director (Advising Services) Nicole Allard
a) Bachelor of Arts and Science - S-14-23 To be Tabled
b) Bachelor of Science  - S-14-24 To be Tabled
c) Diploma in Environment -S-14-25 To be Tabled
d) Diploma in Meteorology -S-14-26 To be Tabled

5. Minutes of March 17, 2015 -S-14-22 On Web

6. Business Arising from the Minutes

7. Reports of Committees (continued)

d) Scholarships Committee – Associate Dean Victoria Kaspi - S-14-27  To be Tabled
e) Academic Committee – Associate Dean Tamara Western -S-14-28  On Web

8. Dean's Business

(a)  Dean’s Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research List -S-14-29 To be Tabled
  - Director Nicole Allard
(b)  Announcements
  - Fessenden Professorships
  - Principal’s Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researcher
  - Chairs, Directors, Associate Dean

9. Reports on Actions of Senate

- Prof. Masad Damha: Senate Meeting of March 18, 2015
- Prof. David Harpp: Senate Meeting of May 12, 2015

10. Members' Question Period

11. Other Business

Academic Committee Documents

The Academic Committee approved the following on Tuesday, 28 April 2015:

New Course:
ENVR 421  Mtl Envr Hist & Sustainability - AC-14-75
                 3 credits
New Course:
ENVR 422  Mtl Urban Sustainability Anal -AC-14-76
    3 credits
Courses Added to MSE Programs
ENVR 421/ENVR 422-AC-14-77

New Course:
GEOG 384  Principles of Geospatial Web -AC-14-78

    3 credits

- B.A. & Sc. and B.Sc. Program Revisions:
B.A. & Sc. Major Concentration in Chemistry -AC-14-81
B.Sc. Liberal – Core Science Component Chemistry – Biological -AC-14-82
B.Sc. Liberal – Core Science Component Chemistry – General -AC-14-83
B.Sc. Minor in Chemistry -AC-14-84
- B.Sc. Program Retirement:
B.Sc. Liberal – Core Science Component Chemistry – Physical -AC-14-85

EPSC 549     Hydrogeology -AC-14-79
                   Change in course activities
                   3 credits

BIOL 352    Vert Evol: Dinosaurs & Mammals -AC-14-80
                  Changes: title, description, prerequisites
                  3 credits

BIOC 404   Biophysical Methods in Biochem -AC-14-86
                 Changes: title, description, restriction
                 3 credits

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