February 12, 2008

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
3:00 p.m., Leacock Council Room (232)


(Three Minutes)

- Prof. Joelle Pineau, School of Computer Science
- Prof. Garry Peterson, Geography and McGill School of Environment

Adoption of Agenda

AGENDA [.pdf]

Candidates for Degrees

a) Bachelor of Arts and Science - S-06-23 To be Tabled
b) Bachelor of Science - S-06-24 To be Tabled
c) Diploma in Environment - S-06-25 To be Tabled
d) Diploma in Meteorology - S-06-26 To be Tabled

Minutes of December 4, 2007

MINUTES [.pdf] 

Business Arising from the Minutes

Reports of Committees

a) Academic Committee:
Associate Dean Hendren - S-07-21 [.pdf] On Web
Click Here for Academic Committee Documents
b) New Award:
Associate Dean Leighton - Robert H. Lennox and Elizabeth Graham Lennox Scholarships in Science and in Nursing S-07-22 [.pdf]

Dean's Business

Gender Imbalance and the Major and Honours Programs. How do we fix it?
Discussion: Committee of the Whole (15 minutes)
Chair: Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Education) Burns

Report on Actions of Senate

- Prof. K. GowriSankaran: Senate Meeting of December 5, 2007
- Prof. T. Moore: Senate meeting of January 23, 2008

Members' Question Period

Other Business


Foyer Outside Leacock 232, After the Meeting

Academic Committee Documents

New Programs

(1) Ad Hoc Joint Honours Program in Physics & Computer Science- AC-07-69 To be tabled
(2) Ad Hoc Major Program in Pharmacology- AC-07-75 To be tabled
(3) School of Computer Science & Department of Biology
- Joint Major in Computer Science and Biology- AC-07-80 [.pdf]
(4)School of Computer Science
- B.A. & Sc. Major Concentration in Software Engineering- AC-07-81 To be tabled
- B.Sc. Liberal: Core Science Component in Software Engineering- AC-07-82 To be tabled

Major Program Changes


New Courses

(1) Geography
GEOG 310 - AC-07-66 [.pdf]
GEOG 403 - AC-07-67 [.pdf]
GEOG 409 - AC-07-70 [.pdf]
(2) Field Practicum
FSCI 400 - AC-07-70 [.pdf]
(3) School of Computer Science
BIOL 495 - AC-07-77 [.pdf]
COMP 401 - AC-07-78 [.pdf]
COMP 499 - AC-07-79 [.pdf]

Major Course Changes


Report on Minor Course Changes (For Information only)- AC-07-65 [.pdf]
(1) Physiology
PHGY 209 - MCC-07-38 [.pdf]
(2) Computer Science
COMP 424 - MCC-07-39 [.pdf]
(3) Microbiology & Immunology
MIMM 386D1/D2 - MCC-07-40 [.pdf]
(4) Psychology
PSYC 501 - MCC-07-41 [.pdf]

Report on Minor Course Changes (For Information only)- AC-07-73 [.pdf]
(1) Mathematics & Statistics (For Engineering Students)
MATH 264 - MCC-07-42 [.pdf]
(2) Psychology
PSYC 308 - MCC-07-43 [.pdf]

Report on Minor Program Changes (For Information only)- AC-07-P3 [.pdf]
(1) Cognitive Science
B.A. & Sc. Inter-faculty Program in Cognitive Science - AC-07-76 [.pdf] p. 3 [.pdf] p. 4 [.pdf]
(2) Psychology
B.Sc. Programs:
Major in Psychology - AC-07-86 [.doc]
Honours in Psychology - AC-07-87 [.doc]
B.Sc. Liberal; Core Science Component in Psychology - AC-07-88 [.doc]
B.A. & Sc. Programs
Major Concentration in Psychology - AC-07-89 [.doc]
Joint Honours-Psychology Component - AC-07-90 [.doc]

Other (For Approval)

(1) Unique Titles of Courses - AC-07-55(Rev2) To be tabled
(2) Restrictions on World of Chemistry Courses - AC-07-93 [.pdf]
(3) Academic Program Review (Appendix X) - AC-07-85 [.pdf]

Other (For Information Only)

(1) Administering Mid-Term Examinations - AC-07-74A [.pdf] AC-07-74C [.pdf]
(2) School of Computer Science (B.A.)
- New Major Concentration in Software Engineering
(3) Psychology (B.A. Program Changes)
- Major Concentration in Psychology
- Honours in Psychology
- Joint Honours in Psychology
- Minor Concentration in Behavourial Science
(4) Report of the Faculty of Science Ad Hoc Committee on Grade Inflation - AC-07-84 [.pdf]
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