Determinants of School Performance and Outcome



Dr. Jake Burack

This project by the McGill Youth Study Team (MYST), headed by Dr. Jake Burack of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology at McGill University, began 10 years ago when the school administrators of the Jimmy Sandy Memorial School in Kawawachikamach (Quebec) expressed concerns about low rates of school completion, high rates of behaviour problems and increasing rates of drug use among their students. To address the questions posed to MYST by the community, this group of graduate and undergraduate researchers collects data on a variety of aspects of the students’ lives, including relationships with their parents, teachers and friends; identification with cultural heritage; academic performance; emotional and behavioral adjustment; participation in high-risk behaviors; and self-identity. In addition, the teachers provide insight about the students’ performance and behaviors in the school setting. MYST is committed to maintaining the involvement of the community of Kawawachikamach to ensure that the project continues to meet the community’s specific research needs. Accordingly, Jake and the MYST present their research results to the administrators at the school, as well as to members of the Band Council.

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