Stories of Resilience

Lead Investigator:

Dr. Laurence J. Kirmayer, McGill University

The aim of the Stories of Resilience project is to collect stories to help define resilience from Aboriginal perspectives and to identify factors that promote resilience among individuals and communities. We are currently collaborating on this project with multiple communities across Canada. The main purpose of this study is to: 

  1. Understand resilience, healing, recovery, and transformation from an Aboriginal perspective, and
  2. Through focus group and individual discussions, identify potential interventions and initiatives that can facilitate resilience and healing in communities.

We aim to compile a community-specific report for each community that we work with. In addition we will hold community forums to present the results of the research to participating communities. We also plan to publish the research results in academic journals and present the results at academic conferences.

Download the Stories of Resilence Research Summary [.pdf] for more information.

For a full description of the Stories of Resilience research process and protocol download the Stories of Resilience Research Manuals.

Visit our News page to get an update on the project.

Communities Collaborating in the Stories of Resilience Project

There are currently 7 communities collaborating in the Roots of Resilience Project.


Our collaborating communities are:

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