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Roots of Resilience Research Documents

Stories of Resilence Research Summary [.pdf]
Document summarizing the Stories of Resilience project.

Stories of Resilience Research Manual
Culture and Mental Health Research Unit
The Stories of Resilience Research Manual describes in detail the process and protocols used in the Stories of Resilience Study. Included in it are the interview protocol used in the Focus Groups and Individual Interviews. Part 1 describes in full the details and the methodology of the project. Part 2 consists of all the materials used to conduct the research.

Stories Resilience Research Manual Part 1 [.pdf]
Stories Resilience Research Manual Part 2 [.pdf]

New Zealand Project Brochure

This information brochure gives a brief description of the New Zealand component of the Roots of Resilience Project
New Zealand Information Brochure [.pdf]


Mar 2009 | Eastern Door article, Mar 13, 2009 | Seneca Elder and scholar Mike Myers in Kahnawake Richard Tardif. Eastern Door Article March 2009 [.pdf]

Feb 2009 | Eastern Door article, Feb 13, 2009 | Stories of Resilience, Healing and Transformation: Aboriginal Resilience Lecture Series focuses on oral history and storytelling to shape worldview by Richard TardifEastern Door Article Feb. 09 [.pdf]

May 2008 | Eastern Door article, Vol. 17, No. 17, May 9, 2008, by Morgan Kahentonni PhillipsEastern Door Article, May 08 [.pdf]

April 2008 | Posters presented at the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Health Research Meeting in Montreal on April 16th-18th.

Roots of Resilience Poster [.pdf]
Stories of Resilience Poster [.pdf]

Resilience Related Literature

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