Resilience, Citizenship and Identity


Dr. Caroline Tait, University of Saskatchewan

The main objective of this project is to examine the concept of resilience as it applies to questions of citizenship and identity in an urban Indigenous community. The idea for this study emerged out of a research partnership between the Saskatoon Indian and Métis Friendship Centre and Dr. Caroline Tait. Through the use of in-depth interviews, life histories, participant observation, photographic and video recording, this study explores questions of resilience as they relate to constructions of citizenship, identity and well-being. The research examines the ways in which the urban Indigenous population of Saskatoon claim citizenship in the broader urban milieu despite historical and contemporary adversity that stigmatizes, marginalizes, and marks them as “Other.” The ways in which the urban Indigenous community of Saskatoon has responded to and resisted identities imposed upon them by the dominant society, as well as the way they reclaim, create, and sustain positive Indigenous identities and citizenship, is a central research question.

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