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Published: 19Jun2020

Here at the Redpath Museum, we are wishing you good health during this challenging time as we all learn to manage the significant challenges we’ve faced since the COVID-19 pandemic. Through it all,...

Some dinosaurs could fly before they were birds

Published: 11Aug2020

New research using the most comprehensive study of feathered dinosaurs and early birds has revised the evolutionary relationships of dinosaurs at the origin of birds.

"COVID and More" with Guest Dr. John Brownstein


Epidemiologist and Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital Dr. John Brownstein has been working on a number of research projects with respect to COVID-19 surveillance./ossCategory:...

New species of Ichthyosaur discovered in museum collection

Published: 2Jul2020

Hauffiopteryx altera (Latin for different from) has been identified as a new species of Ichthyosaurs by researchers from McGill University and the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart in...

Remembering Henry Reiswig - the sponge specialist

Published: 7Jul2020

Henry Reiswig, the former Biology professor and curator of Invertebrate Zoology at the Redpath Museum, died on July 4, 2020. You can read his obituary here:...

Rock On! Erin Gibbons

Published: 28Jun2020

The Redpath Museum Society Vice President External, Erin Gibbons, has won the prestigious Vanier Scholarship. 

T. rex was a champion walker, super-efficient at lower speeds

Published: 13May2020

While smaller dinosaurs needed speed, huge predators like T. rex were optimized for energy-efficient walking, according to a study published in PLOS ONE.

FB Livestream - Minerals and Crystals


In this livestream with Rebeca, learn to differentiate minerals and crystals. You will even make your very own crystals!...

FB en direct - Minéraux et cristaux


Rejoignez Rebeca le 26 Juin à 14h pour notre atelier en direct sur les Minéraux et cristaux! Nous parlerons de différents minéraux et fabriquerons nos propres cristaux./redpathCategory: Redpath...


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