Bärbel A. Knäuper

Academic title(s): 

James McGill Professor


Contact Information:


Office: 2001 McGill College, 1575
Phone: 514.398.8186


Mailing Address:
Department of Psychology
2001 McGill College, 7th floor
Montreal, QC
H3A 1G1


Bärbel A. Knäuper

Research Areas:

Health Psychology | Social & Personality

Research Summary:

Prof. Knäuper’s area of research is applied social cognition with a focus on health behaviour change. She studies how individuals make health related judgments (e.g., risk perception), how cognitions (e.g., health beliefs) influence health behavior, and develops and evaluates interventions to change healthy behaviour. Currently, she studies these processes mainly in the areas of eating behaviour (dieting, obesity, diabetes), physical activity behavior, medication adherence, and mindfulness, and directs the McGill CHIP Healthy Weight Program. Her methodological interests include the construction of psychometric scales, questionnaire design, and the validity of self-reports. Prof. Knäuper supervises clinical and experimental psychology graduate students.

Selected References:

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Lacaille, J., Sadikaj, G., Nishioka, M., Carrière, K., Flanders, J., & Knäuper, B. (2018). Daily mindful responding mediates the effect of meditation practice on stress and mood: The role of practice duration and adherence.  Journal of Clinical Psychology, 74(1), 109-122.

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