Chunbo Yu, Ph.D.

I am working under the supervision of Dr Suzanne King at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre, Psychosocial Research Division, McGill University.

I received my Ph.D degree in Applied Mathematics in China,during which I focused on modelling and analyzing dynamic systems in immunology and some other health-related fields. Futhermore, I completed a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics at York University, where I joined a research group analyzing and clustering the Ontario West Nile virus/Mosquito weekly surveillance data. The purpose of the study is to identify the high risk locations (trap areas) that are most exposed to the virus in this region.

In the King lab, I am involved in two prospective longitudinal studies on the effects of prenatal maternal stress on developmental outcomes: Project Ice and the lowa Flood Study. By analyzing and interpreting existing and future data sets, we can better understand how prenatal maternal stress may influence the develpomental trajectories of exposed children.


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