How many days were YOU without power and phone during the 1998 Quebec Ice Storm?

Projet Verglas needs to build a map of power outages in the Montérégie during January and February 1998. We were unable to obtain this information from Hydro-Quebec, but people who lived there at the time can help us. This little survey takes 5 minutes but will give big results.

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Stress in Pregnancy: Assessing Informational Needs to Improve Services for Pregnant Women (SPARK)

Our team is conducting a survey to better understand the informational needs of pregnant women faced with highly stressful situation. The ultimate goal of this project is to determine how to better inform pregnant women about the effects of stress during pregnancy on the health and development of their child without stressing them further. The initial survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. There is a possibility of being interviewed (in French). We thank you for your interest. 

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