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January 2023

Radio Canada (French radio)
Crise du verglas: les effets sur les femmes enceintes et leurs bébés
Marc-André Carignan

CBC Radio
25th anniversary of the 1998 ice storm
Rebecca Ugolini

QUB Radio – Quebecor station (Montreal)
10-minute interview about Project Ice Storm
Marie Montpetit

La Presse – Montreal daily online paper
Long article covering 25 years of Project Ice Storm
André Duchesne

CBC News Montreal (TV)
Interview on the evening news about 25 years of Project Ice Storm
Debra Arbec

CBC News Montreal (Website)
'Born stressed': Giving birth in the 1998 ice storm
Erica Moriss

Global News (TV)
6-minute interview on evening news
Phil Carpenter

Radio Canada RDI (Television)
Weekend morning show “D’Abord l’info”
Jean-Patrick Balleux

CityTV News
Ice Storm 1998: Study monitors long-term effects on pregnant women and their children
Pamela Pagano

CBC Fredericton (New Brunswick, Canada)

January 2022

Science Magazine
“Small study suggests pandemic may slow babies’ development”
Meredith Wadman

February 2022

Invited talk: Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH), Monday LIVE! Exploring Birth Psychology Zoom-cast (February 21, 2022, virtual). “Water and Ice: How Prenatal Exposure to a Natural Disaster Influences the Pregnancy, the Mother, and the Infant”. 105 attendees from several countries. link

Radio Canada Les Années Lumière - Projet Verglas et l'Épigénétique

March 2022

Cat Ownership in Childhood Linked to Psychosis Risk in Adulthood
Kelli Burton

November 2022
“What on Earth” newsletter
Natalie Stechyson

June 2021

Radio Canada TV (French)
6-minute video

August 2021

Undark online science magazine
“Stress in Utero: Covid Chaos and Babies’ Future Health” (Article about prenatal stress and COVID-19 pandemic citing SPIRAL studies and direct quotations from interview)
Paul Tullis

March 2020

La Presse, Montreal daily
“Femmes enceintes, isolez-vous des Nouvelles angoissantes" (Article about stress from the COVID-19 epidemic and pregnant women – lessons from Project Ice Storm)
Catherine Handfield

April 2020

Montreal Gazette, daily
“Ice storm holds useful lessons for pregnant women” (Article about stress from the COVID-19 epidemic and pregnant women – lessons from Project Ice Storm)
Linda Gyulai

May 2020

Douglas Foundation Social media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
4-minute videos about stress from COVID-19 and what women can do to reduce their stress.
French English

Globe and Mail, national newspaper
"Prenatal stress from COVID-19, and hospital policies around births"
Michael Ungar and Suzanne King

Quirks and Quarks, CBC Radio weekly show about science; Available as podcast
17-minute interview about prenatal stress and COVID-19
Bob McDonald

Cogeco radio (province-wide radio station, e.g., Montreal 98.5FM)
Interview about prenatal stress and COVID-19 in support of the Olo Foundation
Annie Guillmette

June 2020

Québec Science, online magazine
“The effects of the pandemic on the pregnant woman”
Annie Labreque

July 2020

La Presse, Montreal daily
“Pregnant women under the magnifying glass of researchers"
Philippe Mercure

September 2020

Newsletter for the OLO Foundation, a non-profit that provides nutrition and advice to low-income pregnant women
Le stress pendant la grossesse, une entrevue avec Suzanne King

January 2019

Vision Television Canada (and international)
“Decoding Life: The Epigenetic Revolution” (Segment on Project Ice Storm and its epigenetic results)

CTV Television – Montreal 5-6 pm
Report about new FRQ Quebec Flood Network

CBC Radio – Montreal and Quebec City
Interview about new FRQ Quebec Flood Network

April 2019

CBC Radio, Quebec City
Interview about pregnancy and current flooding in Quebec

October 2018

Quebec Science (magazine)
"Et si l’avenir de chacun se jouait dans l’utérus?" (Article about the developmental origins of disease, Project Ice Storm, and epigenetics)
Marine Corniou

September 2018

University study says stress experienced while pregnant has lasting health impacts for children
"That has nothing to do with their life experiences. It's programmed into them already."

March 2017

La Presse (Montreal Daily)
Dame Nature est ma Collègue
Valérie Duhaime

May 2017

Journal Métro de Montréal
Dorloter les femmes enceintes victimes de catastrophes naturelles
Andréanne Chevalier

August 2017

98,5 FM
Les effets de la drogue et du stress sur les foetus.
Catherine Gaudreault

October 2017

​CBC Radio-Canada
Interview with Dr. Suzanne King speaking from the "Adapting to a new human health reality under climate change" symposium in Charlottetown, PEI 
Video (French)
Article (French)

December 2017

Les Électrons Libres
'Les 20 ans de la crise du verglas'
Video (French)

November 2016

Radio Canada
Quel effet «la Bête» aura t-elle sur les bébés de Fort McMurray ?
Sandra Gagnon

April 2015

La Presse (Montreal Daily)
Prédisposés à l'anorexie avant de naître.
Marie-Claude Malbouf

September 2015

Deutschlandfunk German Public Radio
Interview as part of coverage of a prenatal maternal stress meeting in Berlin.
Volkart Wildermuth

BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation 
Countdown to Life – The Extraordinary Making of You
Interview in a documentary series discussing Project Ice Storm, and epigenetic effects on the unborn child.

October 2015

Radio 104.7, Ottawa 
Live interview discussing a recent publication on DNA methylation.
Interviewers: Mario & Jade.  

November 2015

Le Médecin du Québec (The Quebec Physician) Vol 50 (12) 16-23
L’épigénétique le mécanisme derrière d'importantes maladies. 
Emmanuèle Garnier

June 2014

Radio Canada – Sherbrooke 
Interview about findings of ice storm stress effects on risk of autistic or asthma symptoms in children.

CJAD 800FM Radio, Montreal (
Interview about findings of ice storm stress effects on risk of autistic or asthma symptoms in children.
Barry Morgan

Radio Canada web site:
An article describing the ice storm results on autism and asthma.
Thomas Gerbet

September-October 2014

Globe and Mail (Canada); Le Soleil (Québec); Science Daily
Newspaper/online coverage about our recent ice storm DNA methylation paper. 

CBC International Service; Radio Canada – Québec;
Radio Canada – Toronto; Radio 9
Live or recorded radio interviews about a recent ice storm DNA methylation paper.

CJAD 800FM Radio, Montreal (
Discussion of why adolescents have difficulty waking early for school.
Aaron Rand 

CBC news (The National – M. Szyf); La Presse Plus
Live or recorded video/TV interviews about a recent ice storm DNA methylation paper. 

January 2013 

Radio Canada (French) radio program. 
Interview about 15th year anniversary of the Ice Storm, and continuing effects of prenatal stress.
Hugo Lavoie

December 2011

Channel 4, U.K.
Brave New World (Series 01 Episode 05) - hosted by Stephen Hawking
Documentary on epigenetics – interested in our prenatal stress studies. 


Québec Science, Presse écrite
Stressé dans l'oeuf! 

Origins by Annie Murphy Paul
5-pages related to Project Ice Storm.

CBC National Radio
The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti 
Taped radio interview about ice storm and prenatal maternal stress


24 heures
Crise du verglas : des impacts 10 ans plus tard
Sarah-Maude Lefebvre

The Gazette
Prenatal stress from extreme weather is having negative effect on babies.
Aaron Derfel

La Presse
Verglas: la pensée positive ne protège pas du stress
Mathieu Perreault

La Presse
Les «extrêmes climatiques» font subir un stress au foetus
Mathieu Perreault

CBC News, National
Interview with with Suzanne King and Gordon McBean.
Kai Nagata

CBC, Radio Noon, Montréal 
Current affairs interview with Suzanne King. 

TVA, Québec provincial television  
Maryse Gagnon Reportage with Stacy Overstreet, Suzanne King.

Les catastrophes naturelles influenceraient le développement du foetus
Martin LaSalle

Journal de Montréal
Les intempéries n’épargnent pas le fœtus.
Eric-Yvan Lemay

Who Says Stress is Bad for You?
Mary Carmichael

The Globe And Mail (National daily)
Stress During Pregnancy May Lower Baby’s IQ
Zosia Bielski

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