Inter-University Option Classes

Population Dynamics Option-related classes available (in French) at Université de Montréal:

DMO 6501: Migration

DMO 6502: Mortality, Health, and Aging

DMO 6320: Applied Demography and Perspective
DMO 6430: Population Development
DMO 6405: Event History Analysis

Population Dynamics Option-related available (in French) at INRS - Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre:

DMO 6501: Migration
DMO 6501: Family and Fertility
DMO 6321: Microsimulation and population dynamics
DMO 6371: Statistical Methods in Demography
DMO 6405: Event History Models
DMO 6201: Demographic Analysis I
DMO 6301: Demographic Analysis II

Steps for Applying to Inter-University Classes:

  • Check course availability at host (UdeM or INRS) University.
  • Ensure you have the prerequisites for the host University.
  • Apply well in advance (check host University deadlines).
  • Complete the online CREPUQ form here.
  • This application will be reviewed by a McGill program advisor, your faculty Student Affairs Office, and Enrollment Services. Once approved, it will be sent to the host University for review.
  • You will be informed of the decision by email. Note that Universities may reject your request.
  • Once approved, you must register with the host University.
  • Final grades will not appear on your transcript, they will be a transfer credit.
  • Graduation may be delayed if your host University does not submit your grade on time. It is your responsibility that they be submitted on time.
  • Withdrawn or failed courses will appear on your McGill transcript.
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