Check out Plurilingual Lab's Presentations at ACLA2023

We're thrilled to announce that the Plurilingual Lab team is presenting fourteen talks at the 2023 Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics conference (ACLACAAL2023), May 27-29, 2023, at York University in Toronto. Check out our papers:

What is a "qualified" immersion teacher?, by Susan Ballinger, Laurent Cammarata, Marianne Barker and Lana Zeaiter

Invoking Sankofa for pan African language policy: Towards Indigenous African language reclamation, by Aisha Barisé

Disrupting the myth of monolingualism: Institutional discourses about language and writing for plurilingual students in English medium higher education, by Maria Chiras

Plurilingualism as stance and praxis: Amalgamating plurilingual strategies and CEFR descriptors for inclusive additional language teaching and assessment, by John Wayne dela Cruz

How can plurilingual, digital and decolonial (PluriDigit) language education in Brazil inform language pedagogy in Canada?, by Angelica Galante, Enrica Piccardo, Faith Marcel, John Wayne dela Cruz, Aisha Barisé, and Lana Zeaiter

“Eternal outsiders:” Investigating discrimination among immigrant background plurilingual users living in Canada, by Hannah Keim, Angelica Galante and Li Peng

Accent bias: Whose responsibility is it to address? Shifting the onus of mitigating accent bias from the speaker to the listener, by Grace Labreche

Language exchanges: the impact of the compatibility factor in language exchanges on language learning, by Chama Laassassy

English schooling in Quebec’s rural settings: Opinions and experiences of Anglophone parents, by Joanne Pattison-Meek and Andréanne Langiven

Language ideologies in francisation program: Focusing on the narratives of racialized migrants in Quebec, by Shiin Moon

Teachers’ perceptions of plurilingual approaches: Empowerment for both teachers and learners, by Li Peng

Is it possible to implement plurilingual approaches in second language classrooms in China: how do Chinese EFL teachers consider teaching EFL with the help of Mandarin and other Chinese dialects?, by Yunjia Xie

Discovering the “reading subject” in the writingworld: A perspective on challenges encountered by English as an additional language writers, by Sitong Wang

Translanguaging and teacher identity in teaching Chinese as a second language classroom, by Shuya Zhao

You can find out more about these talks by browsing the conference's program. We hope to see you in Toronto!

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