RAMQ-funded extensions of training, formation complémentaire

Extensions of Training for Recruitment Purposes within Quebec (Formation Complémentaire).

Trainees being recruited by a university or non-university hospital may be considered to complete a RAMQ-remunerated formation complémentaire. The normal duration of an extension of training is 3 to 12 months, but can exceptionally be extended to a maximum of 2 years, with proper justification. A candidate who wishes to complete a second year of formation complémentaire has to submit a new request for the 2nd year.

For training at McGill University:

Once files are complete, they will be sent to the programs for review and decision.

Formation complémentaire training cannot be done at the same institution where the candidate completed their residency training. If you are a resident registered at McGill University, please note that you must complete your formation complémentaire training at another Québec university network.

It is very important to note that as specified in the MSSS Formation complémentaire rules and process, the extension of training (formation complémentaire) should precede assumption of duties in the recruiting hospital and has to meet the requirements for:

  • University recruitment: The candidate must have a firm PREM and approval from the university recruitment office.
  • Non-University recruitment: The candidate must have a firm PREM and a letter from the DPS office recruiting.

A Formation Complémentaire Request Form must be completed for both university and non-university recruitment.

For university or non-university recruitment, the ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS, ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux) imperatively requires the confirmation of your PREM in the physician resource plan and the inclusion in your request of a recruitment confirmation letter from the Director of Professional Services (DPS) of your recruiting hospital. Failing these conditions, the MSSS will reject your request. If your PREM is contingent on the retirement of a specific physician, a letter signed by this physician and confirming their effective departure date is also required.

Formation complémentaire requests have to be approved by the CVDFM (Conférence des vice-doyens des facultés de médecine du Québec) and the MSSS. The deadline for Formation Complémentaire requests is December 1, 2024. Decisions will be finalized by the CVDFM on December 11-12, 2024. If approved by the CVDFM, formation complémentaire requests should be sent to the MSSS by the end of December 2024. Decisions by MSSS should be sent to the trainees by March 2025.

Residents must give written notice to the relevant organizations (recruiting hospital, university where the training will take place and CVDFM) when leaving for their extension of training (formation complémentaire) and provide a proof of training upon their return. If significant changes are made to their extension of training projects, residents must inform the faculty of medicine where the training is taking place, the MSSS, other relevant organizations and, where appropriate, the faculty to which their recruiting hospital is affiliated. These changes must be approved by the MSSS and the other relevant organizations.

For more information, please contact Dolly Rabbath: pgfellows.med [at] mcgill.ca.

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