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The Postgraduate Medical Education Office offers clinical and clinical research fellowship programs for recognized specialists or family physicians.

A Fellowship is a well-defined clinical and or clinical research experience of no less than one year which is not accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Applicants to fellowship training programs must have satisfactorily completed residency training as well as either Royal College or Board Certification.  Candidates must be deemed eligible to receive a training card by the Collège des Médecins du Québec

Adult Allergy Immunology

Dr. Natasha Tardio: Program Director
Ms. Mary Orsini: Program Coordinator


Dr. Natalie Buu: Program Director

Dr. Albert Moore, Director, Fellowship Program
Phone: 514.934.1934 ext 36546
Email: sandra.cardoso [at]

Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowships

Fellowship Supervisor: Dr. Indrani Lakheeram (Anestheisa Fellow Coordinator)

Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Ergina, Cardiac Surgery Program Director
Email: [at]


Program Directors: Dr. Natalie Bottega and Dr. Annabel Chen-Tournoux
Program Coordinator: Mrs. Anna Ballarano
Email: anna.ballarano [at]

Clinical Pharmacology

Program Director: Dr. Howard Margolese
E-mail: howard.margolese [at]

Critical Care

Program Director: Dr. Dev Jayaraman
E-mail: dev.jayaraman [at]

  • Critical Care Medicine Research Fellowship
    Length: 1 year
    Number of positions: 3
    Type of fellowship: Research skills in Critical Care including clinical and basic science
    Fellowship Director: Dr. Sheldon Magder


Dr Khue Huu Nguyen: Program Director
E-mail: residency.dermatology [at]

Diagnostic Radiology

Requests for further information or application forms should be directed to:  Dr. Jana Taylor, Program Director
c/o Cathy Torchia, Administrative Coordinator
Diagnostic Radiology Training Program
Montreal General Hospital
1650 Cedar Avenue, Room C5 118
Montreal, QC H3G 1A4
T: 514.934.8084
F: 514.934.8263
E-mail: radiology.fellowships [at]

Please view our website at:

Department of Surgery

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Carine Haggar: Program Director
Email: carine.haggar [at]

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Dr. Natasha Garfield: Program Director
E-mail: nadia.marchetti [at]


Dr. Constantine Soulellis, Gastroenterology Program Director. Email: deborah.ross [at]

General Internal Medicine

Program Director: Dr. Patrick Willemot
Email: patrick.willemot [at]

General Surgery

Dr. Jeremy Grushka, General Surgery Program Director. Email: [at]


Program Directors: Dr. Elise Levinoff and Dr. Julia Chabot
Email: //residencypd.geriatrics [at]">residencypd.geriatrics [at]


Program Director: Dr. Chantal Cassis
Program Coordinator: Angeline Beaulieu, hem-medmicro-id [at]

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Program Director: Dr. Anne-Maude Morency E-mail: obgyn.pgme [at]

Medical Genetics

Program Director: Dr. Laura Russell: laura.russell [at]
Program Coordinator: peds.pgme [at]

Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Program Director: Dr. Matthew Oughton
Hem-Medmicro-ID [at]

Medical Oncology

Program Director: Dr. Scott Owen
Program Coordinator: [at]


Program Director: Dr. Julie Bartholomew: julie.bartholomew [at]

  • Neonatal Follow-up Fellowship Program
    Length: 1 year
    Number of positions: 2
    Fellowship Director: Dr. Elise Couture
    This Fellowship Program is opened to candidates who passed the Canadian Royal College Pediatrics Exam and who have French proficiency.


Program Director: Dr. Catherine Weber, Nephrology Program Director. Email: catherine.webers [at] (


Program Director: Dr. Fraser Moore, Neurology Program Director. Email: residency.neurology [at]


Program Director: Dr. Jeffrey Atkinson
e-mail:luisa.birri [at]

Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Marc Hickeson , Nuclear Medicine Program Director. Email: marc.hickeson [at]

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Program Director: Dr. Fady Mansour
Assistant Program Director: Dr. Roberta Shear
Program Coordinator: Ms. Vanessa Vescio: obgyn.pgme [at]


Program Director: Dr. Mashad Darvish
Program Coordinator: Ms. Natasha Lattimore
ophrpc [at]

Orthopaedic Surgery

Program Director: Dr. Thierry Benaroch
orthopaedic.residency [at]


Program Director: Dr. Keith Richardson
Email: keith.richardson [at]

Fellowship Director: Dr. Jamie Rappaport
E-Mail: jrappaport [at]

Palliative Medicine

Program Director: Dr. Donald Ginsberg
Program Coordinator: Karen French (karen.french [at]

  • Cancer Pain Clinical Fellowship
    Length: 1 year
    Number of positions: 1
    Type of Fellowship: This is primarily a clinical fellowship (80%). The candidate is expected to complete at least 1 clinical research project during the year.
    Fellowship Director: Dr. Jordi Perez


Program Director: Dr. Jason Karamchandani [at]

Pediatric Cardiology

Program Director: Dr. Tiscar Cavalle-Garrido (tiscar.cavalle [at]
Program Coordinator: Mary Serravalle [at]

Pediatric Critical Care

Program Director: Dr. Samara Zavalkoff
samara.zavalkoff [at]

Pediatric Diagnostic Radiology

Program Director: Dr. Ricardo Faingold
cathy.torchia [at]

Pediatric Endocrinology

Program director: Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy
preetha.krishnamoorthy [at] 

Pediatric Gastroenterology

Program Director: Dr. Veronique Morinville
veronique.morinville [at]

Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Program Director: Dr. Earl Rubin
earl.rubin [at]

Pediatric Nephrology

Program Director: Dr. Indra Gupta
nephadmin [at]

Pediatric Neurology

Program Director: Dr. Genevieve Legault
genevieve.legault4 [at]

Pediatric Respirology

Program Director: Dr. David Zielinski (david.zielinski [at]
Program Coordinator: (peds.pgme [at]

Pediatric Rheumatology

Program Director: Dr. Rosie Scuccimarri
rosie.scuccimarri [at]


Program Directors:
Dr. Robert Sternszus 
Dr. Olivia Tse

Plastic Surgery

Program Director: Dr. Mirko Gilardino
plastics.residency [at]


Residency Program Director: Dr. Leon Tourian, Dr. Robert Simon Biskin
Fellowship Director: Dr. Ruben Martins
residency.psychiatry [at]

Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Program Director: Dr. David Kaiser
residency.phpm [at] (resi)residency.phpm [at] (ency.phpm)residency.phpm [at]

Radiation Oncology

Program Director: Dr. Joanne Alfieri
maria.fossetti [at]


Program Director: Dr. Linda Ofiara (linda.ofiara [at]

Program Coordinator: Alessandra Cunzo: residency.respirology [at]


Program Director: Dr. Elizabeth Hazel (elizabeth.hazel [at]
Program Coordinator: Nellie Eugenio (nellie.eugenio [at]


Program Director: Dr. Mohamed El-Sherbini
urology.residency [at]

Vascular Surgery

Program Director: Dr. Jason Bayne: Jason.bayne [at]