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Han C, Alkhater R, Froukh T, Minassian AG, Galati M, Liu RH, Fotouhi M, Sommerfeld J, Alfrook AJ, Marshall C, Walker S, Bauer P, Scherer SW, Riess O, Buchert R, Minassian BA, McPherson PS. (2016) Epileptic Encephalopathy Caused by Mutations in the Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor DENND5A. Am J Hum Genet. 99(6):1359-1367. doi: 10.1016.

Xu, J., Fotouhi, M., and McPherson, P.S. (2015) Phosphorylation of the exchange factor DENND3 by ULK in response to starvation activates Rab12 and induces autophagy. EMBO Reports 16: 709-718. (Featured in the Faculty of 1000)
Ioannou, M.S., Bell, E.S., Girard, M., Chaineau, M., Hamlin, J.N.R., Daubaras, M., Monast, A., Park, M., Hodgson, L., and McPherson, P.S. (2015) DENND2B activates Rab13 at the leading edge of migrating cells and promotes metastatic behavior. J. Cell Biol. 208: 629-648. (Featured in a JCB Podcast called biobytes, in which the journal highlights one significant paper appearing in each issue. A movie from this manuscript, imaging Rab13 activation at the leading edge of a migrating cell, was posted by the Journal on their Facebook page and received > 34,000 views. Featured in the Faculty of 1000).
Schreij, A.M.A., Chaineau, M., Ruan, W., Lin, S., Barker, P.A., Fon, E.A., and McPherson, P.S. (2015) LRRK2 functions in concert with clathrin-light chains to limit Rac1 activation and control actin cytoskeleton dynamics. EMBO Reports. 16: 79-86.
Hamlin, J.N.R., Schroeder, L., Fotouhi, M., Dokainish, H., Ioannou, M.S., Girard, M., Melançon, P., and McPherson, P.S. (2014) Scyl1 scaffolds class II Arfs to selective subcomplexes of coatomer through the gamma-COP appendage domain. J. Cell Sci. 127: 1454-1463 (Highlighted in the “In This Issue” feature of the Journal of Cell Science).
Vilariño-Güell, C., Rajput, A., Milnerwood, A.J., Shah, B., Szu-Tu, C., Trinh, J., Yu, I., Encarnacion, M., Munsie, L.N., Tapia, L., Gustavsson, E.K., Chou, P., Evans, D.M., Pishotta, F.T., Volta, M., Beccano-Kelly, D., Thompson, C., Lin, M.K., Guenther, B.L., Wasserman, W.W., Bernard, V., Appel-Cresswell, S., Stoessl, A.J., Robinson, C.A., Dickson, D.W., Ross, O.A., Wszolek, Z.K., Aasly, J.O., Wu, R.M., Hentati, F., Gibson, R.A., McPherson, P.S., Girard, M., Rajput, M., Rajput, A.H., and Farrer, M.J. (2014) DNAJC13 mutations in Parkinson Disease. Hum. Mol. Genet. 23: 1794-1801.
Wu, Y., O’Toole, E.T., Girard, M., Ritter, B., Messa, M., Liu, X., McPherson, P.S., Ferguson, S.M. and De Camilli, P. (2014) A dynamin 1-, dynamin 3- and clathrin-independent pathway of synaptic vesicle recycling mediated by bulk endocytosis. Elife  e01621. doi: 10.7554.
Ritter, B, Murphy, S., Dokainish, H., Girard, M., Gudheti, M.V., Koslov, G., Halin, M., Philie, J., Jorgensen, E.M., Gehring, K., and McPherson, P.S. (2013) NECAP 1 regulates AP-2 interactions to control vesicle size, number and cargo during clathrin-mediated endocytosis. PLoS Biology. 11: e1001670.
Allaire, P.D., Seyed Sadr, M., Chaineau, M., Seyed Sadr, E., Konefal, S., Maret, D., Fotouhi, M., Ritter, B. Del Maestro, R.F. and McPherson, P.S. (2013) Interplay between Rab35 and Arf6 controls cargo recycling to coordinate cell adhesion and migration. J. Cell Sci. 126: 722-731. (Highlighted in the “In This Issue” feature of the Journal of Cell Science).
Girard, M., Larivière, R., Parfitt, D.A., Deane, E.C., Gaudet, R., Nossova, N., Blondeau, F., Prenosil, G., Vermeulen, E.G.M., Duchen, M.R., Richter, A., Shoubridge, E.A., Gehring, K., McKinney, R.A., Brais, B., Chapple, J.P. and McPherson, P.S. (2012) Mitochondrial dysfunction and Purkinje cell loss in Autosomal Recessive Spastic Ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay (ARSACS). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., USA 109: 1661-1666. (Selected as Novel and Newsworthy when presented at the American Society for Cell Biology, December 2011, coverage in multiple newspapers including a full-page feature in the Globe & Mail, reported by multiple radio and TV stations, subject of a Nature News and Views, Narenda, D.P. and Youle, R.J. (2012) Neurodegeneration: Trouble in the cell's powerhouse, Nature, 483: 418-419).
Marat, A., Dokainish, H. and McPherson, P.S. (2011) DENN domain proteins: regulators of Rab GTPase J. Biol. Chem. 286: 13791-13800 (invited minireview)
Allaire, P.D., Marat, A.L., Dall'Armi, C., Di Paolo, G., McPherson, P.S.*, and Ritter, B*. (2010) The connecdenn DENN domain: A GEF for Rab35 mediating cargo-specific exit from early endosomes. Mol. Cell. 37: 370-382. *=co-corresponding author.
Katoh, Y., Ritter, B., Gaffry, T., Blondeau, F., Höning, S., and McPherson, P.S. (2009) The clavesin family: neuron-specific lipid- and clathrin-binding Sec14 proteins regulating lysosomal morphology. J. Biol. Chem. 284: 27646-27654.
Burman, J.L., Bourbonniere, L., Philie, J., Stroh, T., Dejgaard, S.Y., Presley, J.F. and McPherson, P.S. (2008) Scyl1, mutated in a recessive form of spinocerebellar neurodegeneration, regulates COPI-mediated retrograde traffic. J. Biol. Chem. 283:22774-22786. (selected as a JBC paper of the week)
Poupon, V., Girard, M. Legendre-Guillemin, V., Thomas, S., Bourbionniere, L., Philie, J., Bright, N.A. and McPherson, P.S. (2008) Clathrin-light chains function in mannose phosphate receptor trafficking via regulation of actin assembly. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., USA, 105:168-173. (selected by the Faculty of 1000)
Allaire, P.D., Ritter, B., Thomas, S., Burman, J.L., Denisov, A.Yu., Legendre-Guillemin, V., Harper, S.Q., Davidson, B.L., Gehring, K. and McPherson, P.S. (2006) Connecdenn, a novel DENN domain-containing protein of neuronal clathrin-coated vesicles functioning in synaptic vesicle endocytosis J. Neurosci. 26:13,202-13,212.
Girard, M., Allaire, P.D., McPherson, P.S*., and Blondeau, F*. (2005). Non-stoichiometric relationship between clathrin heavy and light chains revealed by subcellular proteomics of clathrin-coated vesicles from brain and liver. Mol. Cell Proteomics. 4:1145-1154. *=co-corresponding author.
Blondeau, F., Ritter, B., Allaire, P.D., Wasiak, S., Girard, M., Hussain, N.K., Angers, A., Legendre-Guillemin, V., Roy, L., Boismenu, D., Kearney, R.E., Bell, A.W., Bergeron, J.J.M., and McPherson, P.S. (2004) Tandem mass spectrometry analysis of brain clathrin-coated vesicles reveals their critical involvement in synaptic vesicle recycling. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., USA 101:3833-3838. (selected by the Faculty of 1000)
Ritter, B., Philie, J., Girard, M., Tung, E.C., Blondeau, F., and McPherson, P.S. (2003) Identification of a family of endocytic proteins that define a new alpha-adaptin ear-binding motif. EMBO Reports 4:1089-1093.
Wasiak, S., Legendre-Guillemin, V., Puertollano, R., Blondeau, F., Girard, M., de Heuvel, E., Hussain, N.K., Boismenu, D., Bell, A.W., Bonifacino, J.S. and McPherson, P.S. (2002) Enthoprotin, a novel clathrin-associated protein identified through subcellular proteomics. J. Cell Biol.158:855-862.
Metzler, M., Legendre-Guillemin, V., Gan, L., Chopra, V., Kwok, A., McPherson, P.S., and Hayden, M.R. (2001) HIP1 functions in clathrin-mediated endocytosis through binding to clathrin and AP2. J. Biol. Chem. 276:39271-39276.
Hussain, N.K., Jenna, S., Glogauer, M., Quinn, C.C., Wasiak, S., Kay, B.K., Stossel, T.P., Lamarche-Vane, N., and McPherson, P.S. (2001) The endocytic protein intersectin-l regulates actin assembly via Cdc42 and N-WASP. Nat. Cell Biol. 3:927-932.
Ramjaun, A.R., and McPherson, P.S. (1999) The N-terminus of amphiphysin II mediates dimerization and plasma membrane targeting. J. Biol. Chem. 274:19785-19791.
Simpson, F.S., Hussain, N.K., Qualmann, B., Kay, B.K., Kelly, R.B., McPherson, P.S., and Schmid, S.L. (1999) SH3 domain-containing proteins function at distinct steps in clathrin-coated vesicle formation. Nature Cell Biol. 1:119-124.
Hussain, N.K., Yamabhai, M., Ramjaun, A.R., Guy, A.M., Baranes, D., O'Bryan, J.P., Der, C.J., Kay, B.K., and McPherson, P.S. (1999) Splice variants of intersectin are components of the endocytic machinery in neurons and non-neuronal cells. J. Biol. Chem. 274:15671-15677.
de Heuvel, E., Bell, A.W., Ramjaun, A.R., Wong, K., Sossin, W.S., and McPherson, P.S. (1997) Identification of the major synaptojanin-binding proteins in brain. J. Biol. Chem. 272:8710-8716.


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