Antibody Characterization Group

Members of the McPherson lab antibody validation group
Dr. Carl Laflamme, PDF
Dr. Riham Ayoubi, PDF
Dr. Walaa, Alshafie, PDF
Maryam Fotouhi, Research technician
Lynda Dekakra-Bellili, Research technician
Kathleen Southern, undergraduate

There are between 3.5 and 4.8 million commercial antibodies covering minimally 95% of human gene products. These antibodies are often poorly validated leading to approximately $1 billion per/ann. wasted on antibodies that do not recognize their intended target. Importantly, this is a key factor in the reproducibility crisis.

The antibody characterization group in the McPherson laboratory follows a methodology formalized in the McPherson laboratory. The group performs head-to-head comparisons of all commercially-available antibodies from 9 antibody manufacturing partners against any given protein target using a characterization pipeline based on knockout (KO) cells. Thus, for any given protein target (targets have thus far been chosen by the funders), control and isogenic KO lines are provided by 2 commercial partners, which have many thousands of lines, or are generated in house. All antibodies are tested in three applications, immunoblot, immunoprecipitation, and immunocytochemistry. Antibody reports are generated and are published without restriction on Zenodo, a data sharing site operated by CERN: Our 30 published antibody characterization reports and our immunoblot, immunoprecipitation and immunofluorescence protocols have been viewed and downloaded thousands of times and independent disease-related organizations are also sharing the reports.

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