Seminars 2007-2008

Seminar Series, Fall 2007
Raymond 4-047 Friday 11:30 am
Macdonald Campus of McGill University

Date Speaker Title
Sept 7 Jaime Sanchez-Dardon, Core Director Flow Cytometry Core Facility “Flow cytometry for each and everyone: Presentation of a variety of quantitative and qualitative applications in engineering and biological sciences"
Sept 14 Vijay Rao

Amira Taman
Haemonchus contortus putative ligand-gated chloride channel: Life stages expression and possible role in macrocyclic lactone resistance

Properties of neurotransmitters in Schistosoma mansoni
Sept 21 Dr Robin Beech, Institute of Parasitology "Annotating channels in Haemonchus contortus: Cherry Picking in a Construction Zone"
Sept 26 Dr Jeff Williams, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, HaloSource New water treatment technologies: making water safer for salmon, swimmers, and slum dwellers
Sept 28 Dr. Ana Rodriguez, NYU School of Medicine, Medical Parasitology Plasmodium infection and immune response: from the liver to the blood
Oct 5 Dr. David Waltner-Toews Department of Population Medicine University of Guelph "Between Parasites and Planets: Science in the Muddled Middle"
Oct 12 Dr. Manami Nishi, Institute of Parasitology Mechanisms of antigen presentation and host cell subversion during acute and chronic infection by Toxoplasma gondii
Oct 19 Dr Gary Ward, Dept of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics University of Vermont A small molecule approach to studying host cell invasion by Toxoplasma gondii
Oct 26 Dr.Stephen Michnick. Canada Research Chair in Integrative Genomics Département de Biochimie Université de Montreal The dynamics of protein interaction networks in living cells
Oct 26 Dr Marco Albonico Development of BZ reistance in soil-transmitted nematodes: the threat to humans
Nov 2 Dr. Denis Gaucher Dép. de microbiologie et immunologie, U, de Montréal Correlates of protection: the immune response to yellow fever vaccination
Nov 9 Dr Lea Berrang Ford, Dept. Geography, McGill Spatial and temporal analysis of infectious disease: a case study of sleeping sickness in Uganda
Nov 16 Carli Halpenny

Marie-Pierre Lardeau
Using an ecosystem approach to assess the impact of Panamanian conditional transfer programs on gastrointestinal parasite infections

Nov 23 Dr. Rebecca Guy, Laboratory for Food Zoonosis Public Health Agency of Canada Molecular characterization of parasitic protozoa in aquatic environments
Nov 30 Dr. Michael Reed Research Institute - McGill University Health Centre, McGill "Mycobacterium tuberculosis – does pathogenic diversity exist?"
Dec 7 Assatou Diawara Development of DNA assays, for human soil-transmitted nematodes, for the detection of SNPs associated with benzimidazole resistance

Seminar Series, Winter 2008
Raymond 4-047 Friday 11:30 am
Macdonald Campus of McGill University

Date Speaker
Jan 11 Janelle Wright, Institute of Parasitology
Jan 18 Amira Taman, Institute of Parasitology
Properties of neurotransmitters in Schistosoma mansoni

Fouad El Shehabi, Institute of Parasitology
Characterization of SmGPCR in Schistosoma mansoni
Jan 25 Nick Patocka, Institute of Parasitology
Serotonin in Schistosomes: The Players Involved
Feb 1 Smriti Kala, Institute of Parasitology
Identification and characterization of RNA binding and protein interaction domains of the key editosome protein KREPA4

Alireza Darissi, Institute of Parasitology
The Long-range Electrostatic Potential Energies of Kinetoplastid RNA Editing Ligases
Feb 8 Normand Cyr, Institute of Parasitology
Modeling protein-protein interactions between the Leishmania glycosomal proteins LdPEX5 and LdPex14

Maurice Odiere, Institute of Parasitology
Metabolic costs and morphological effects of Heligmosomoides bakeri (Nematoda) infection and pregnancy in CD-1 mice
Feb 15 Aissatou Diawara, Institute of Parasitology
Development of DNA assays, for human soil- transmitted nematodes, for the detection of SNPs associated with benzimidazole resistance
Feb 22 Louis-Philippe Leroux, Institute of Parasitology
Identification of Toxoplasma gondii genes involved in the inhibition of antigen presenting cell maturation by forward and reverse genetics

Hamed Shateri Najafabadi, Institute of Parasitology
Computational Methods of Predicting Protein- Protein Interactions and Their Applicability in Parasites
Feb 29 Study break
Mar 7 Pablo Godoy, Institute of Parasitology
Functional analysis of Haemonchus contortus ABC transporters in mammalian cells and interaction with macrocyclic lactones

Andrea Rauba, Institute of Parasitology
Macrocyclic lactone selection on ABC-transporter genes in Onchocerca volvulus
Mar 14 Marie-Claire Rioux, Institute of Parasitology
Markers of F. hepatica infection in sheep and cattle: insights into fasciolosis host-parasite interactions

Yovany Moreno, Institute of Parasitology
Assessing the secretome of a filarial parasitic nematode
Mar 21 Easter Break
Mar 28 No Seminar
Apr 4 Stéphanie Goyette, Institute of Parasitology
New insights into Toxoplasma gondii reactivation through biomarker and immunobiological studies

Rona Strasser, Institute of Parasitology
Characterization of the structure of the Leishmania donovani peroxin 14 (LdPEX14) protein translocation complex
Apr 11 To Be Announced
Apr 18 Celia Caballero-Franco, Institute of Parasitology
Studies of the interactions between gastrointestinal bacteria and epithelial cells
Apr 25 Houtan Moshiri, Institute of Parasitology
Identification & characterization of editosome inhibitors by highthrougput screening (HTS)
May 2 Dr Ana Sanchez, Brock University
The Epidemiology of Taenia solium in Honduras
May 9  
May 16 Rémi Laberge, Institute of Parasitology
Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of Collateral Sensitivity of MDR Tumor Cells Expressing ABC Proteins
May 23 Ana Pilar , Institute of Parasitology
Molecular characterization of the PTS2 import receptor protein PEX7 in Leishmania donovani
June 6 Mike Osei-Atweneboana, Institute of Parasitology
Responses of Onchocerca volvulus to repeated rounds of ivermectin treatment: a longitudinal study
June 13 Dr Silvina Fernandez University of Guelph
To Be Announced
June 20 Dr Marc-Jan Gubbels Boston College
To Be Announced

* These seminars are supported through a FQRNT Centre Grant
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and by the Institute of Parasitology