Core Facilities and Services

Operating Principles for the Parasitology Core Facilities (PCF)

The main priority of the PCF is to help with scientific research through our experience in advanced technologies. The PCF contains complex, high-tech equipment, and it is not feasible for researchers to understand all their capabilities and to know how to operate the instruments without instruction and help. The PCF is a centralized shared research resource that provides access to instruments, technologies, services (maintenance) and consultation.  PCF uses expertise in both technology and business to attain these results.

Our philosophy is to provide training/education in an open controlled access environment with a realistic schedule and justifiable revenue generation.


The PCF currently offers services in Histology, Microscopy and Real-time PCR.


A leading role for PCF is education. We provide no-charge basic training for all our equipment as well as for support during your research. We offer a policy of Open Controlled Access to dedicated space to all individuals who need to work on our equipment based on a “first come, first served” principle, but with time limitations.

User Fees

PCF has various user fees, depending on where the scientist is located. The lowest level is reserved for internal research teams in the Institute of Parasitology. The next level is for other McGill University researchers. Highest user fees are charged to non-McGill external academic group.  The fees for private and commercial sector researchers are negotiated by request. Fee information can be found under each equipment tab. 


To obtain access to PCF, please contact peter.lee [at] (Peter Lee) (Core Facility and Services manager at the Institute of Parasitology) for consultation and recommendation of proper equipment usage.  

Fill out and submit the form Core facility – Parasitology - General Biosafety Questionnaire, including a FOAPAL, to schedule your training. 

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