Letter of Understanding

This letter provides an understanding between students and supervisors and is required for all PhD students and strongly recommended for all MSc students. The document contains a minimum set of principles upon which additional principles can be added through discussion by both parties.

Advisory Committee Formation

Each student must have an Advisory Committee to help provide guidance during the course of the degree program. Use this fillable PDF form to nominate the Advisory Committee members within the first three months of your registration. Upload the completed, signed form to the MyProgress system.

Advisory Committee Report

The student must meet with their Advisory Committee at least once each year for PhD students and 6 months for MSc students, but may meet more frequently, as appropriate. The student must complete the relevant sections of the Progress Tracking Form before the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the Advisory Committee will complete the Report and indicate whether progress is Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory. The completed form must be submitted to the Graduate Program Director (GPD), Dr. Petra Rohrbach, for her signature. This fillable PDF form should be used to comment on student performance and must be signed by each member of the Committee as well as the student before being deposited with the GPD. If an evaluation of Unsatisfactory is given, a detailed explanation of the reason for the evaluation, along with a point list of objectives that must be completed before the next meeting to attain Satisfactory standing. A follow up meeting must occur between four and six months following an Unsatisfactory evaluation.

Initial Thesis Submission Checklist

Students who are submitting their thesis as of June 1st 2022 must upload their completed checklist on myThesis with their initial thesis. This checklist should be uploaded as a supplemental document on myThesis. The Initial Thesis Submission checklist document includes two checklists, one for a manuscript-based thesis and one for a traditional thesis. Students should only complete the checklist that is relevant to their thesis format. Both checklists comprise the Thesis Components listed on the GPS website here: Additionally, relevant links to GPS webpages and important considerations are included to help guide students writing and submitting their thesis.

GREAT Travel Award Application Form

Fill in this form to request support for travel if you are attending a conference, or travelling as part of your research program. Submit the form to amanda.johnston [at] (subject: GREAT%20Travel%20Award) (Ms Amanda Johnston) by the end of the day March 10. Award allocations will take place shortly after.

Recipients of a GREAT Award must submit a detailed expense report outlining the use of the travel award and the relevance of this travel to their graduate research. All related receipts are also required. Please submit these documents to Amanda within 30 days following your travel. Applications for future GREAT awards is dependent on fulfilling all requirements.

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