Melissa Henry

Melissa Henry, PhD
McGill University and Jewish General Hospital
Tel: 514-340-8222 ext 2252
melissa.henry [at] (Email)

Dr. Henry is a FRQS Clinician-Scientist at the Lady-Davis Institute for Medical Research and a psychologist at the Segal Cancer Centre of the Jewish General Hospital. She is an Assistant Professor at McGill University in the Departments of Oncology of the Faculty of Medicine and of Psychology (Professional), as well as an associate member in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Henry’s research program focuses on developing, implementing, and evaluating psychosocial interventions designed to improve quality of life (QoL) in patients with advanced cancer, particularly in the field of head and neck oncology. She is interested in preventing long- term psychological distress trajectories and promoting health through early interventions, including translational research combining the fields of psychology, oncology, and genetics. All of her studies reflect different stages of this overall research program. She is leading with Dr. Zeev Rosberger a study funded by the Fonds de recherche Québec - Santé, entitled “Building a solid knowledge foundation: A research program to innovate psychosocial care and reduce health care costs for head and neck cancer patients” (Drs. Melissa Henry (PI), Zeev Rosberger (PI), Saul Frenkiel, Martin Black, Michael Hier, Anthony Zeitouni, Karen Kost, Alex Mlynarek, Christina MacDonald, Christopher Longo, Juli Atherton, William Foulkes & Michael Meaney). This funding builds on her previous studies underlining the need for interventions to address the overwhelming presence of unmet psychological needs in HNC patients (7 out of top 10 unmet needs). HNC patients present greater psychological morbidity (depression, anxiety, suicide) than the general cancer population. Based on a bio-psycho-social model, this FRQS-funded research program aims at identifying trajectories of psychological compromise, including gene-environment interactions as predictors and an investigation of suicidality, health behavior change, and body image concerns. As part of her research program, Dr. Henry has developed the preliminary version of the McGill Body Image Concern Scale for use in head and neck oncology, which will be part of an international validation study in collaboration with colleagues in Canada and the United-States. She is also leading a study funded by Genzyme, entitled “Developing and implementing a novel interdisciplinary team-based approach (ITCA-ThyCa) for newly diagnosed thyroid cancer patients” (Drs. Melissa Henry (PI), Michael Hier) and has recently led with Dr. S Robin Cohen a study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Cancer Institute, entitled “Randomized controlled trial of the Meaning-Making intervention (MMi) in patients newly diagnosed with advanced cancer: A pilot study” (Drs. Melissa Henry (PI), S. Robin Cohen (PI), Daren Heyland, Robert Platt, Laurent Azoulay, Walter Gotlieb, Susie Lau, Khalil Sultanem, Gerald Batist & Bernard Lapointe). Student supervision and knowledge translation is an integral part of Dr. Henry’s work.

Selected Publications

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