Mount Sinai Hospital Montreal (MSH)


5690 Cavendish Blvd, Côte St. Luc, Québec, H4W 1S7

Service Description

Palliative Care Unit

The team includes physicians, nurses, pastoral care workers, occupational and physical therapists,pharmacist, music therapist, nutritionist, and volunteers.  Amenities available include kosher food and "magic moments" provided by the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation, and purchasable hairdressing services. 

Home care services

Home care services are available to patients in the Mount Sinai area who have a life-limiting illness and have compromised mobility.  The team's physician and nurse work in conjunction with CLSC nurses to offer symptom control.

Service Access

Palliative and home care

The patient's treating physician should fill out a Mount Sinai application available at most hospitals and CLSC's.  Once completed, the form can be faxed to 514-369-0873. This application is also available electronically on the Mount Sinai website.


Director, Palliative Care Services: Dr. Golda Tradounsky, 514-369-2222 ext 3200
Head Nurse: Judith Marchessault, 514-369-2222 ext 3181
Admission Secretary: Annie Erenyi, 514-369-2222 ext 1211


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