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20 Mar 2017

I’ve long been fascinated by space travel. I think I was first turned onto the idea back around 1957 with one of the first television shows I remember watching. “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger” was a...

Space Molecules are Branching Out

20 Mar 2017

In a paper published in this week’s issue of Science, astronomers from the Max Planck institute, the University of Cologne (Germany) and Cornell University (USA), announced to have for the first...

A Curious Landing: A first-hand account of the landing of Mars rover, Curiosity

20 Mar 2017

Dr. Lorne Trottier was in attendance of the recent landing of the Mars Rover, Curiosity. Here, he describes his account of the experience as well as the complexities and nuances of what went into...

How was “SpaceShipOne” powered?

20 Mar 2017

Who would have ever thought that rubber tires and laughing gas would be instrumental in getting a privately funded craft into space to claim a prize of ten million dollars? Yet, that is just what...


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