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From the Earth to the Moon

25 Nov 2021

No, this story is not about space travel. It is about the naming of elements, specifically, selenium, discovered by the Swedish chemist Jons Jacob Berzelius in 1817. He named it after Selene, the...

From Armstrong to Bezos

21 Jul 2021

On that July 20, back in 1969, streets were almost empty you could have launched a huo chien down most streets in America without hitting a single person. That’s because almost everyone was huddled...

Alien Encounters

2 Jun 2021

Let’s play the word association game. “Little green men.”

Under The Microscope: Velcro

21 May 2019

Just like Vivaldi was inspired by nature to compose his Four Seasons concertos, the inventor of Velcro was also inspired by nature. Specifically, by burrs.

Did you know that some bacteria can eat cleaning products?

1 Feb 2019

Have you ever noticed the message on the front of a Lysol bottle: “Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria”?

Did You Know That Moon Dust Is Incredibly Toxic?

4 Oct 2018

There are no aliens on the moon, but that might not stop it from trying to kill us....

Dragonflies Experience as Much G-Force as Fighter Pilots

23 Aug 2018

Gravity and the human body have a finicky relationship. Too little gravity and humans lose bone density, experience extreme nausea and become anemic. Too much gravity and humans lose consciousness...

Nasa and Spacex Owe Their Accomplishments to a Dog Named Laika

21 Jun 2018

In the late 1940’s both Soviets and Americans began investigating the expanse of space by sending animals up, up and away. It began with fruit flies in 1947, grew to include monkeys in 1949 and...


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