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Spaceships recycle everything... except astronaut's poop

13 Jun 2018

Astronauts inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, just like you and me. On Earth, where exhaled air warmed by our bodies naturally rises away from us, the possibility of inhaling too much carbon...

How Old is Everything?

24 May 2018

Everything has a birthday. It’s the same day, about 13.77 billion years ago. Scientists claim that they are 99% certain that this is the age of our entire universe. But how could they possibly know...

Potatoes and Space Have a Long History

3 May 2018

Intergalactic potatoes may seem like a side dish from the Mos Eisley Cantina, but potatoes and space have a common history.  

Space-Based Solar Power

7 Aug 2017

There are certain problems with solar power technologies that still need some work. We are addressing quite a few bumps on the road to completely sustainable energy though. High costs of solar...

Hope for New Life: Is it actually possible we can colonize Mars?

18 Jul 2017

Last month during a Norwegian science festival, Stephen Hawking, the famous theoretical physicist and author of A Brief History of Time said this about space travel: “It is clear we are entering a...

A “Light Year”

24 May 2017

Is not a unit of time. Although the term “year” factors into the nomenclature, a light year actually measures extremely long distances and is used in mapping galaxies, planets, stars, and other...

Sleeping Astronauts

24 May 2017

Astronauts need to sleep next to a ventilator fan while they’re in weightless orbit; otherwise, they might suffocate in their sleep. Reason being, is that warm air does not naturally rise when...

The Dark Side of the Moon

13 May 2017

While it makes for a great album title, the dark side of the moon is simply a myth. As the moon rotates around the Earth, and the Earth around the sun, the moon is exposed to the sun’s light just...


20 Mar 2017

I’ve long been fascinated by space travel. I think I was first turned onto the idea back around 1957 with one of the first television shows I remember watching. “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger” was a...


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