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How an Asian Bug Led to the First Synthetic Plastic

20 Mar 2017

During the first years of the twentieth century the demand for shellac outstripped the supply. People did not develop a sudden penchant for shiny furniture, but electricity was starting to take the...

Plastic Wine Bottles?

20 Mar 2017

While PET has a very low permeability when it comes to carbon dioxide, it readily allows oxygen to pass through. And oxygen is the enemy of wine! When we talk about storing soft drinks,...

Witches Knickers: the plastic bag crisis

20 Mar 2017

Plastic bags that have been carelessly discarded and get caught up on tree branches. Polyethylene bags fluttering in the wind, desecrating our beaches and piling up in cabinets under our sinks,...

Plastics in the Kitchen

20 Mar 2017

Oh, those analytical chemists. They do cause problems don’t they? With their ability to find the presence of chemicals at parts per trillion, they can not only find the needle in the proverbial...


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