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Why does plastic stay wet in the dishwasher whereas glass comes out dry?

12 Nov 2021

Obviously, the rate of evaporation depends on the temperature. Put a drop of water in a hot frying pan and it will sizzle and change into a vapour almost immediately. Place that drop on your...

Plexiglass: Protection for “The Pieta” and Us

11 Sep 2021

Some companies have benefitted from COVID-19. Like those that manufacture plexiglass. Banks, stores, automobile dealers all feature plexiglass panels to reduce the chance of viral transmission. The...

From Bugs to Plastics

20 Aug 2021

During the first years of the twentieth century, the demand for shellac outstripped the supply. It wasn’t because people developed a sudden penchant for shiny furniture. Electricity was starting to...

Are we at risk from wearing clothing with detectable amounts of PFASs or phthalates?

20 Aug 2021

Much ink has recently been spilled about our environment, and potentially our bodies, being contaminated by some of the estimated 60,000 chemicals being industrially produced today. That ink itself...


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