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Rethinking Your Garbage

21 Aug 2018

Do you ever wonder what happens to your garbage after you throw it out? While we hope that the recyclable materials we painstakingly sort out ends up being recycled, the garbage usually piles up in...

The Right Chemistry: The Science of Lunch

3 Aug 2018

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz explains the science of lunch

Can you use a metal container to heat up food in a microwave?

12 Apr 2018

Apparently this question was prompted by a remark a guest made on the Dr. Oz Show. While speaking of “toxins” released from plastic he said something about stainless steel being preferable. This...

Plastic Bank Notes

31 May 2017

First adopted in Australia in 1988, polymer banknotes have now become increasingly popular due to their improved security against counterfeiting and their enhanced durability. Many countries have...

Plastic Cheese and Fake Mayo

20 Mar 2017

On a recent trip to the U.S. I perused the menu and decided on a cheese sandwich. When I queried the waitress about the kind of cheese involved, I was told, “American!” I replied I was interested...

Small beads can make for a large problem

20 Mar 2017

Science can make for a strange bedfellow. I had just finished recording a video showing off one of my favourite sweaters and expounding on the ingenuity and the environmental benefit of it being...

What are "oxo-biodegradable plastic" shopping bags?

20 Mar 2017

Polyethylene shopping bags are a big convenience but they also present a big problem. While they can be recycled, many just get carelessly discarded and end up in the environment not only as an...

How an Asian Bug Led to the First Synthetic Plastic

20 Mar 2017

During the first years of the twentieth century the demand for shellac outstripped the supply. People did not develop a sudden penchant for shiny furniture, but electricity was starting to take the...


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