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Jamie Oliver Cooks Up an Anal Argument

7 Dec 2017

British chef Jamie Oliver opened up quite a can of worms with his plan to improve the food served in Los Angeles schools.  Actually, worms would probably be an improvement over some of the fatty...

Battle of the Milks: Are plant-based milks appropriate for children?

16 Nov 2017

A recent CBC article reports on a new joint statement from the Dietitians of Canada and the Canadian Paediatric Society that says plant based milks are “inappropriate alternatives to cow milk in...


20 May 2017

Gout is a real pain in the toe. It strikes when crystals of uric acid build up in a joint and irritate the surrounding tissue. Where do they come from? Components in the diet! Foods which contain...

A Holistic Nutritional Rockstar's Rocky Science

20 Mar 2017

Sometimes you can evaluate a person’s scientific acumen by a single comment they utter. This is the case with Catherine Sugrue who labels herself a “holistic nutritionist rockstar.” Of course...

Does food cooked in the microwave lose its' nutritional value?

20 Mar 2017

A resounding “not true!” First of all, all food is dead, unless you graze on grass or take a bite out of a living cow, neither of which is advisable. As far as nutrition goes, microwave cooking is...

Eating Less and Living More

20 Mar 2017

They feast on croissants that ooze butter. They eat creamy cheeses and fat-filled pastries. Breakfast is pain-au-chocolat washed down with espresso. There is no oatmeal in sight. I suspect most of...

What About Mercury In Fish?

20 Mar 2017

Nutritionists recommend eating fish regularly, twice a week, because it is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins, and omega-3 fats. These omega-3 fats are nicknamed the ‘healing fats’ because...


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