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Your Local Nutrition Shake Shop May Not Be What You Think It Is

8 Dec 2023

The woman swears to me that she is not part of Herbalife, and I believe her. But given the looks of her juice shop, you could easily mistake it for an Herbalife nutrition club when you know what to...

The False Reassurance of Dietary Supplement Regulation

6 Oct 2023

If you are Canadian, you may have seen the letters “NPN” followed by a series of numbers on the packaging of a health product you picked up at the pharmacy, things like vitamin supplements,...

Who needs guts?

8 Sep 2023

Imagine not being able to eat a meal with family or friends. That is the case for people who have a condition known as short bowel syndrome (SBS). When large segments of the intestines are missing,...

Should We Be Eating More Mushrooms? Maybe.

7 Jun 2023

Scientific studies are often speckled with words like “can,” “could,” “may,” “appear,” “linked” or “correlated.” This is bothersome. These terms are just too “iffy” to allow for any solid...

Are lactation cookies just cookies?

28 Apr 2023

Wishful thinking can sometimes trump science. With “breast is best” echoing in their heads, and too few hours of sleep, new mothers may latch onto some seductive propositions about boosting their...

Can you eat to beat disease?

19 Apr 2023

Just about any publication that explores the role of diet in disease invokes Hippocrates’ famous dictum, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Actually, there is no record of...

I Thought of a Good Title for This…But Now I can’t Remember What it Was

1 Feb 2023

I don’t know how many times I’ve used the expression, “I would rather stick rusty needles in my eyeballs.” Like in answer to the question, “would you like to donate to Joe Mercola’s defense fund...

Time-restricted eating…or not…

25 Jan 2023

Nutritional research publications can be maddening.

This Pulp Isn't Fiction

4 Jan 2023

I've often watched people do battle with the albedo, trying meticulously to remove every last vestige before popping a segment of "naked" orange into their mouth. Probably the same people who...


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