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Health and Nutrition

Finding a Paper on PubMed Does Not Mean the Paper Is Any Good

10 Jun 2021

As more and more people “do their own research,” some end up consulting a website called PubMed. An argument I have encountered is that if a scientific paper is listed on PubMed, it must mean this...

The Right Chemistry: The Discovery of "Wine Disease"

21 Jan 2021

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz on the discovery of 'wine disease'

Antioxidants Disappoint Again

20 Mar 2017

Science is based on evidence, and evidence changes. Heart attack victims used to be put on prolonged bed rest until evidence indicated that this was not the way to go. If a baby was born by C...

Yummy Broccoli!

20 Mar 2017

Say broccoli to kids and they say "yuck." Say broccoli to researchers at Johns Hopkins University and they say "yumm!" Maybe not for the taste, but for the vegetable's biological effects. Thanks...

The Fat Conundrum

20 Mar 2017

Butter or margarine? Olive oil or canola oil? Low fat diets or high fat diets? You would think that after literally thousands of studies we would have some straight forward answers about the effect...

Forget licorice for prostate problems!

20 Mar 2017

A 67-year-old Chinese man sought medical help in a Taipei hospital because of progressive muscular weakness. Aside from somewhat elevated blood pressure he had been in good health. Doctors could...

Possible Phosphine Poisoning

20 Mar 2017

It is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. Two young children dead, two others in critical condition. It seems they were poisoned by phosphine gas! The horrific story is unfolding now in...


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