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Health and Nutrition

Fiber Follies

23 Nov 2022

The scary headline scooted around the internet. “Diets high in Processed Fiber May Increase Risk of Liver Cancer in Some People.” Unsurprisingly, this prompted lots of questions, including one from...

Red Licorice, Beets and Piss Prophets

9 Nov 2022

It sure is a colorful life. I recall vividly a scary episode almost forty-five years ago when my wife came running to me brandishing our infant daughter's diaper in her hands. It looked pretty...

Osteopathy Needs Science to Lend a Hand

14 Oct 2022

Every year, I’m an invited lecturer at the University of Ottawa to talk to future science communicators about pseudoscience. I use a number of increasingly muddied examples to show these students...

This Sticky Pain Patch’s Science Hits a Sticky Patch

23 Sep 2022

“Take a few steps just to make the Devil mad! Hallelujah! That’s it, just move around a little bit, there she goes!” Those were the words used by televangelist and soon-to-be-exposed-as-a-fraud...

The Neuro Emotional Technique Is a Bizarre Hybrid of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Applied Kinesiology

16 Sep 2022

In April of 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a documentary film premiered on YouTube and its title could not have been more relevant: Stressed.

When To Take Your Blood Pressure Meds

12 Sep 2022

This article was originally posted in the Montreal Gazette.

Caffeine Consumption: A Hidden Cause of Impulsive Shopping

9 Sep 2022

There may yet be a method to help you better manage your budget, and it has to do with the timing of your caffeine consumption....

Coffee: To Drink or Not To Drink, That Is The Question.

7 Sep 2022

Coffee first appeared in Canadian cups about two hundred years ago, some three hundred years after people in Africa and the Middle East were regularly consuming the beverage. The most popular...

The Yummy Hype of Nutrigenomics

2 Sep 2022

Should you let your genes decide what you eat? The field of nutrigenomics certainly leans in that direction. Frustratingly, there are two sides to nutrigenomics. On the one hand, it is a research...


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