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Health and Nutrition

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's AHAs

20 Mar 2017

"It's as smooth as a baby's behind!" That's the ultimate compliment to the skin. Why is a baby's bottom so silky smooth anyway? Because it hasn't been exposed to the sun, that's why! As we age, our...

Pizza Pie in the Sky

20 Mar 2017

Imagine being admitted to a hospital with a heart attack and a doctor asking how many times a week you eat pizza. This was the actual question that was asked of 507 heart attack victims and 478...

N-Acetylcysteine--A Biochemical Triumph

20 Mar 2017

When a diagnosis is made of acetaminophen overdose in an emergency room, out comes the N-acetylcysteine (NAC). This is not a rare occurrence because acetaminophen is a widely used pain killer and...

Diet, Hygiene and Alzheimer’s Disease

20 Mar 2017

The incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease varies widely around the world. There are far more cases diagnosed in Europe and North America than in Africa, Asia or India. The question is why. Is it...

Orange juice producer being squeezed

20 Mar 2017

We all have habits.  One of mine is to start every day with a glass of orange juice.  Freshly squeezed would be ideal, but frankly, too much of a bother.  So I go for the one that says “100% pure...

Blueberries and Milk

20 Mar 2017

“I put blueberries and milk on my cereal in the morning. Which one should I give up?”

Forget licorice for prostate problems!

20 Mar 2017

A 67-year-old Chinese man sought medical help in a Taipei hospital because of progressive muscular weakness. Aside from somewhat elevated blood pressure he had been in good health. Doctors could...