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Health and Nutrition

How Many Yerbas Does It Take to Overdose on Caffeine?

26 Aug 2022

For many students, picking up a coffee from the dining hall before pulling a late nighter at the library is all too familiar. I will admit, I’m an energy drink fiend. My friends have commented on...

Putting Up with the Farts: A Story of Our Ancestors and the Animal Milk They Loved

26 Aug 2022

Flatulence has been immortalized in this children’s song: “Beans, beans, the musical fruit / The more you eat, the more you toot.” The same can be said of milk for those of us with lactose...

Why is poop brown?

23 Aug 2022

A certain amount of the muddy colour can be attributed to the different colours of food we eat. Like mixing all the paint colours together, the result is a dull brown. But, much bigger factors for...

Oh My, There is Cyanide in B12 Supplements. Really.

17 Aug 2022

There are many things in life to worry about but cyanide in vitamin B12 supplements is not one of them. Why do I bring this up? Because of a video that has been circulating about “the toxic...

La Cucaracha

27 Jul 2022

“Crazy bug!” That’s what the Spanish "cucaracha" means. Why crazy? Because when these darkness-loving bugs are surprised by a light being turned on, they scamper away in a wild, crazy, zig-zag...

Fire Up That Barbecue!

20 Jul 2022

The word “barbecue” derives from the ancient Caribbean tradition of supporting food over a fire with a scaffolding made from green wood which in Spanish was called "barbacoa." The technique itself...

Cheerios, Honey Nut, Frosted Flakes; Which one to choose?

29 Jun 2022

Breakfast of champions. This phrase might make you think of a hearty, greasy bacon platter. Or even a martini if you’ve read the Kurt Vonnegut book with the same title. But it was first coined by...

Harvard Psychiatrist Makes Inflated Claims About Food’s Power to Fight Mental Illness

28 Jun 2022

Looking through a microscope will make something tiny look big. It blows the teeny-weeny out of proportion. As it turns out, you don’t even need a microscope to do that.

Sniffing Benzedrine Inhalers

21 Jun 2022

In 1943, the Smith, Kline and French pharmaceutical company added hot pepper extract to Benzedrine, its popular decongestant inhaler. The fiery taste of capsaicin, the compound responsible for the ...


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