Feedback and Assessment

Faculty discuss strategies and tools for assessment and feedback that support student learning.




  • Jessica FlakeRichard KoestnerArmin Yazdani 

    Formative Assessment

    Prof. Jessica Flake, Psychology
    Prof. Richard Koestner, Psychology
    Prof. Armin Yazdani, Physiology
    Prof. Danielle Vlaho, Chemistry

    New formative assessment? Take inspiration from the following discussion.

  •  Ken RaganJohn Stix

    Breaking Assessments into Multiple Components

    Prof. Ken Ragan, Physics
    Prof. Melissa Vollrath, Physiology
    Prof. John Stix, Earth and Planetary Sciences

    Keep students on track by breaking assignments into smaller components across the term.

  •   Armin Yazdani

    Coaching and Assessment

    Prof. Armin Yazdani, Physiology

    Integrate coaching into student assessment and feedback to improve learning gains.

  • Flexible Assessment Using a Points System

    Prof. Rosalie Bélanger-Rioux, Mathematics & Statistics

    Encourage students to attempt all course assignments by using a flexible points system for grading.

  • Tamara Western

    Crowdsourcing Assessment Questions

    Prof. Tamara Western, Biology

    Promote learning and engagement in large classes by involving students in designing assessment questions for midterms and finals.

  • Pallavi Sirjoosingh

    Open-Ended Questions in Large Classes

    Prof. Pallavi Sirjoosingh, Chemistry

    Consider the (dis)advantages of open-ended questions to probe student understanding in large classes.

  • 3-2-1 Assignments for Peer Learning

    Prof. Jasmin Chahal, Microbiology & Immunology

    Engage students in a 3-2-1 peer learning assignment to tackle difficult course concepts.

  • Pallavi Sirjoosingh

    Peer Assessment to Promote Learning

    Prof. Pallavi Sirjoosingh, Chemistry

    Actively involve students in the learning process by using peer assessment on small-stakes assignments.

  • Being Mindful of Assignment Deadlines

    Prof. Tony Mittermaier, Chemistry

    Consider student workload and study breaks when assigning deadlines to reduce course-related student stress.

  • Readapting to In-Person Assessment

    Prof. Melissa Vollrath, Physiology

    Prof. Vollrath discusses readapting to in-person assessment and its potential impact on student learning.


Feedback and Assessment Tools


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