First Day of Class

Faculty discuss strategies they use on the first day of class to engage and connect with students.

  • Motivating Students

    Prof. Richard Koestner, Psychology 

    Communicate to students why they should be motivated to learn by being present during class time and showing interest in teaching.

  • Stephanie Weber Jasmin Chalal

    Sparking Curiosity

    Prof. Stephanie Weber, Biology

    Prof. Jasmin Chalal, Microbiology & Immunology

    Grab students' attention from the start of class by using short activities that spark curiosity.

  •  Pallavi Sirjoosingh

    Navigating Course Technology

    Prof. Pallavi Sirjoosingh, Chemistry

    Take time during the first class to ensure students are comfortable using course learning technologies.

  •  Ken Ragan

    Getting to Know Students

    Prof. Ken Ragan, Physics

    Survey students at the start of term to understand why they enrolled in the course and how to support their learning.

  • Giulia Alberini Ken Ragan

    Explaining the Course Structure

    Profs. Giulia Alberini, Computer Science, & Ken Ragan, Physics

    Walk through the syllabus so students understand how various course elements contribute to their learning.

  • Jasmin Chalal  

    Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

    Prof. Jasmin Chalal, Microbiology & Immunology

    Try a scavenger hunt activity to familiarize students with critical information on the syllabus.

  • Giulia Alberini

    Clarifying Expectations

    Prof. Giulia Alberini, Computer Science

    Use the first class as an opportunity to clarify expectations and course workload with students.

  • Ken Ragan

    Learning Strategies

    Prof. Ken Ragan, Physics

    Integrate learning theory to help students move beyond memorization to higher levels of learning.

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