Crowdmark is a collaborative online grading tool and analytics platform, particularly helpful for instructors and TAs working with large classes. It allows for multiple graders to blind-grade class assessments online, at a distance and at different times, and allows for grading feedback to be sent to students. It also offers the instructor analytics about the grades, question scores, and grading time. Watch this video to learn more about how Crowdmark works.

Crowdmark in the Faculty of Science

These Faculty of Science instructors have found Crowdmark particularly useful in teaching and assessing large classes.

700 students

Laura Pavelka
Department of Chemistry

Midterms and exams

680 students

Nik Provatas
Department of Physics

Midterms, exams and lab reports

700 students

Ken Ragan
Department of Physics

Midterms, exams and lab reports

Here's what they have to say about using Crowdmark:


  • Grading takes the same amount of time, but the quality of the grading is much higher.
  • Provides enhanced feedback to students by using a comment template, so you don’t have to rewrite the comment repeatedly when you begin to identify common errors in the students’ work.
  • Allows graders to work simultaneously as they grade different exam questions.
  • Allows you to estimate the amount of time your graders are taking to mark each question.
  • Allows graders to work when and where they want, so you can monitor their progress online and in real time versus in person.

Tips from the experts

  • Create your own student account and release the assignment to yourself beforehand so that you know exactly what the students will see.
  • Make a plan to transport the exam papers – they need to be brought to TLS to be scanned.
  • Emphasize the timelines that graders have to adhere to.


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