Policies and Procedures

All program specific policies are located in one45 under Handouts & Links. These documents include:

  1. Program Specific Goals and Objectives of all rotations
  2. Matching In-Training Evaluation of Rotations (ITERs)
  3. Mini-CEXs 
  4. Orientation Slides
  5. The policies and websites listed below. 

The Obstetric and Gynecology training programs strictly adhere to all of the policies and procedures:

  1. Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Policies and Procedures 
  2. Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Policies and Procedures
  3. Fatigue Risk Management by the WELL Office
  4. Royal College Standards of Accreditation (must search by program)

It is mandatory for all trainees enrolled in any of the OBGYN programs to have read all documents and to know where they are located. 

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