Leave Request Form

Please fill in the leave request form to apply for leaves during the academic year which runs from July 1 to June 30. 

You are entitled to the following leaves per academic year (if your status at the university is active during the whole year):

  • 20 vacation days (can carry-over 10 vacation days into the next academic year)
  • 9.6 sick days - includes 3 personal days (cannot carry-over any of these days into the next academic year)
  • 10 study days (can carry-over 7 study days into the next academic year)
  • 7 conference days (can carry-over 5 conference days into the next academic year)

Please take careful note of the following:

  • All residents are entitled to have 5 consecutive holiday leave days. You may choose either Christmas leave or New Year leave. Only the Statutory holiday days are paid. There are 4 stat days: Dec 25, Dec 26, Jan 1 and Jan 2. Other non-stat days taken these must be deducted from your annual vacation bank OR replace by the stats worked or intend to work during the year-end holiday period. Personal days may be accepted as well. Please check with your admin and the resident's office for the exact dates allowed to be off in each academic year. 
  • When you know you will be off sick for a certain day due to an incidental illness, you must advise your Program Director, Program Coordinator and your service that you will not be in as soon as possible
  • A leave application shall be submitted to the teaching office no less than sixty (60) days prior to the start of the leave.
  • ​If you are not active for the whole year (i.e. you must take a leave), your number of leave days for the year are prorated by the amount of time you are active at McGill University.
  • When a leave request is approved, residents must inform the staff they are working with in advance that they will be absent during their rotation.
  • If you have carry-over days from the previous year they must be used in the next academic year or else they will be lost. They cannot be carried-forward for a second time. 
  • If a trainee would like to be paid out for a Statutory Holiday worked then they must provide a Call Schedule indicating their name to the Teaching Office. 
  • The Statutory Holidays per site are: 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023
  • The Period Calendar 2018-2025
  • It is the trainee's responsibility to ensure their leave record in one45 is correct and up to date. 

Please make SEPARATE requests for each period when vacation falls in two periods. Please view period calendar above.

Modification to a Request
Cancellation of a Request


I would like to request the following time off:

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