Expense Reports

Here are the steps in order to submit an expense report:

  1. Get pre-approval in writing from your Program Director that you are approved to go to a conference/purchase an item with expenses covered by your program and copy your Program Administrator. Also confirm with your program what your maximum entitlement for reimbursement is for the academic year.  
  2. Make sure that your Direct Deposit Information is added to your Minerva account.

  3. Review the expense report checklist for trainees before you book in order to provide the proper expense report documentation to your Program Administrator.

  4. Speak to your Program Administrator about any questions you have on travel and accommodations and proper expense report documentation (if needed).

  5. Book your travel and accommodations.

  6. Fill in the Travel Expense Summary Form to be handed in with your expenses to your Program Administrator. 

  7. Submit all of your expenses to your Program Administrator following our expense report checklist for trainees and the Expense Report Website guidelines. All documents must be submitted immediately after you return from conference as there is a 30 day deadline for your Program Administrator to submit your expense report.

  8. Send your documentation by email to your Program Administrator.

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