B.Sc. Nutr. Sc. Honours in Nutrition

The B.Sc. (Nutr.Sc.) Honours in Nutrition focuses on original research in human nutrition, specifically its design, execution, interpretation and reporting. The research project will involve one of several nutrition areas including: clinical nutrition, metabolism, public health or epidemiology. Research skills include formulation of testable hypotheses, experimental design, analytical methods, data analysis and interpretation. The program also emphasizes developing proficiency in scientific communication, from in-depth reading about advanced theoretical and technical concepts to demonstrating the understanding of complex scientific ideas both orally and in written reports.

Students in the BSc(NutrSc) Nutrition Major program who have a CGPA of at least 3.6, and a grade of at least A- in all NUTR courses can apply to transfer in Winter U2 term.

*It is the responsibility of each student to find a SHN Professor to support and supervise a research project.

For more information regarding the Honours in Nutrition, please contact christine.gurekian [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Honours%20in%20Nutrition_Inquiry) (Christine Gurekian)


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