MSc (Applied)

The School of Human Nutrition offers three different options in the MSc (Applied) program:

The MSc(Applied) Project option is a mainly course-based masters with a project that may be in the areas of clinical, community and international or experimental nutrition.

The MSc(Applied) Practicum option is a mainly course-based masters with a clinical practicum to gain advanced expertise in an area of clinical nutrition. Admission is restricted to practicing dietitians with at least 6 months’ experience.

The MSc(Applied) Dietetics Credentialing option is an opportunity for applicants with a background in nutrition to take graduate level courses and stages in the domains of interpersonal communication, clinical nutrition, and social and biological sciences, with several courses specifically focused on dietetics practice. This option leads to credentialing as a RD/PDt. A qualifying year may be necessary.

International students in the above programs are obliged to have Work Co-op Permit from the CIC in addition to their Canadian Study Permit. For detailed instructions, please review the Co-op/Internship work permit details on the International Student Services website. A Letter (pdf) will be supplied to you for your work co-op application, attesting you have been admitted to an academic program in which work for a mandatory co-op/ project/internship (non-remunerated) is an integral part.


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