Graduate Seminar Program Structure

This page outlines the NRS departmental structure and rules for seminar courses that must be taken by all NRS graduate students (with the exception of agricultural economics) to satisfy the requirements of their program. Students in option programs (i.e., Environment Option) should check their programs to confirm the courses that they are required to take, as they may be different from the information below.

Note that only one seminar course can be taken at a time.

QUESTIONS? Please contact the course coordinator, brian.driscoll [at] (Brian Driscoll)

Course number Title Intructions
NRSC643 and 751 Graduate Proposal Seminar PDF icon nrsc643-751_w2019.pdf
NRSC752 Introduction to Teaching PDF icon nrsc752_w2019.pdf
NRSC644 and 753 Progress Report Seminar PDF icon nrsc644-753_w2019.pdf
NRSC651 and 751 Final Research seminar PDF icon nrsc651-754_w2019.pdf