Academic staff

Departmental Chair: Brian Driscoll


BASU, Niladri

Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Environmental Health Sciences; Associate Professor (cross-appointed to the School of Human Nutrition)
Exposure of humans and wildlife to toxic environmental chemicals, such as mercury; development, validation, and application of new approaches to rapidly test chemicals/samples for toxicity; global health focused on extractive sector activities (e-waste, artisanal and small-scale gold mining)
T: 514-398-8642  | niladri.basu [at] (Email) | CINE Building-Room 204



Professor (Joint-appointed to McGill School of Environment)
Sustainable use and management of ecosystem services; multi-functional landscapes; human impacts on biogeochemical cycles; management of tradeoffs among ecosystem services, especially agricultural production and water quality; global food security, agriculture and the SDGs, land use change and water quality; urban ecology; communicating science; scenarios 
elena.bennett [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-062


BROWN, Peter G.

Professor, McGill School of Environment (cross-appointed to NRS and Geography Department)
Practical uses of philosophy to think critically about the goals of society;  deterioration of Earth’s life support capacity and the thought systems that facilitate and legitimate this decline; economics for the anthropocene.
T: 514-398-5421  |  peter.g.brown [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-040


BUDDLE, Christopher M.

Associate Provost (Teaching and Academic Programs), McGill University; Professor
Ecology, biodiversity and natural history of insects and spiders, in forest, Arctic and agro-ecosystems.
T: 514-398-4990  |  chris.buddle [at] (Email)


CARDILLE, Jeffrey A.

Associate Professor (Joint-appointed to McGill School of Environment)
Global land cover, Satellite remote sensing, Landscape ecology, Land use and climate change, Ecosystem and regional-scale hydrologic modeling, Geographic information science.
T: 514-398-7902  |  jeffrey.cardille [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-078


CÔTÉ, Benoit

Associate Professor
Eco-physiology of woody plant species. Relationships between soil fertility and hardwood forest species composition. Nutritional standards for hardwoods. Agroforestry.  
T: 514-398-7952  |  benoit.cote [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-067A



Associate Professor; Departmental Chair
Molecular genetics and biochemical studies of bacterial gene expression, focusing on genes of carbon metabolism in Sinorhizobium meliloti, the nitrogen-fixing symbiont of alfalfa.
T: 514-398-7887  |  brian.driscoll [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-038



Associate Professor
Virulence mechanisms of the bacterium Xenorhabdus in insects; insect immunity.
T: 514-398-7903  |  gary.dunphy [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-066



Assistant Professor; Canada Research Chair (Tier II) Chair in Arctic Ecology
Arctic ecology, evolutionary ecology of senescence, ornithology, marine biology, wildlife conservation, ecophysiology, foraging behaviour.
T: 514-398-7907  |  kyle.elliott [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-042


FAUCHER, Sébastien

Associate Professor
Water-borne pathogens and the regulation of virulence factors and genes involved in stress response
T: 514-398-7886  |  sebastien.faucher2 [at] (Email) |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-034


FYLES, James

Professor; George and Francis Tomlinson Chair in Forest Ecology
Forest bio-geochemistry.  Relationships between plant nutrition, plant litter quality, litter decomposition and nutrient release, and soil nutrient dynamics.  Management of forest soil fertility. 
T:514-398-7758 | jim.fyles [at] (Email) |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-079


GILLUNG, Jessica

Assistant Professor; Director, Lyman Entomological Museum
Phylogenetics, entomology, macroevolution, insect diversification and phenotypic diversity, functional and comparative morphology, phylogenomics and bioinformatics, systematics, evolution and diversity of parasitoid flies, statistical comparative methods.
T: 514-398-TBD | jessica.gillung [at] (Email )|  Centennial Centre, Room 16


HAROU, Aurélie

Assistant Professor
Improvement of household food security to reduce poverty and malnutrition in sustainable ways; measuring how economic, political and climatic shocks affect human welfare, nutrition and household consumption and production decisions.
T: 514-398-7826  |  aurelie.harou [at] (Email) |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-035


HEAD, Jessica

Assistant Professor
Genetic and epigenetic factors underlying responses to environmental contaminants in birds and other wildlife.
T: 514-398-7841  |  jessica.head [at] (Email)  | Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-045


HICKEY, Gordon M.

William Dawson Scholar; Associate Professor
Sustainable natural resource management, policy and governance; environmental monitoring and assessment; community-based development; participatory approaches; innovation systems; food security.
T: 514-398-7214  | gordon.hickey [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-081



Associate Professor; McGill Northern Research Chair; Director, Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment
Mammalogy. Mammal energetics, behaviour, and ecology, especially in relation to hibernation, food and fat storage, and life histories.
T: 514-398-7885  |  murray.humphries [at] (Email) | Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-067 and CINE Building, Room 207



Assistant Professor
Identifying and explaining the fundamental ecological and biogeochemical processes that characterize soil carbon and nutrient cycling, especially under managed ecosystems
T: 514-398-8640  |  cynthia.kallenbach [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-064


KOSOY, Nicolas

Associate Professor (Joint-appointed to McGill School of Environment)
Markets for ecosystem services from an institutional economics perspective, critical analyses of commodification of nature, Ecological economic.  
T: 514-398-7944  |  nicolas.kosoy [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-037


McCOURT, George

Senior Faculty Lecturer, McGill School of Environment
Markets for ecosystem services from an institutional economics perspective, critical analyses of commodification of nature, Ecological economic.  Student Centered Research and Learning methodologies; Sustainable urban systems related to water, waste and energy flows; Geosystems and past and present climate change.
T: 514-398-7550  |  george.mccourt [at] (Email)  |  Rowles House


McKINNEY, Melissa

Canada Research Chair in Ecological Change and Environmental Stressors, Assistant Professor
Trophic ecological change in Arctic marine mammals; ecological drivers of contaminant exposure; multiple stressor interactions and cumulative effects.
T: 514-398-8714  |  melissa.mckinney [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-044


ROY, Denis

Assistant Professor
Ecology and evolution of fish and wildlife in relation to their use and sustainability as natural resources – adaptive divergence, population genetics/genomics and the use, refinement and development of bioinformatics protocols and techniques. Adaptive dynamics of mostly marine and freshwater fish in both natural and increasingly disturbed ecosystems. Arctic marine fish ecology and evolution.
T: 514-398-8026  |  denis.roy5 [at] (Email)  | Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-071



Associate Dean (Graduate Education); Associate Professor (cross-appointed to Geography Department)
The controls on trace gas exchange (e.g. CO2) between ecosystems and the atmosphere – especially those ecosystems that have been modified or are managed through human activity.
T: 514-398-7935  |  ian.strachan [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-076



Environmental and resource economics; economic-ecological macroeconomic modeling, non-market valuation of environmental goods, natural capital and wealth accounts, input-output modelling, climate change and its impact on agriculture, carbon trading, carbon offset markets, pollution abatement and agriculture, behavioural risk factors and the social determinants of health for non-communicable diseases, alternative energy, and life cycle analysis.
T: 514-398-7956  |  paul.thomassin [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-032



James McGill Professor; Professor
Soil fertility and on-farm nutrient management planning. Soil organic matter dynamics, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gases in agricultural systems. soil microorganisms and earthworms, their interactions and contributions to nutrient cycling and plant growth in agro-ecosystems.
T: 514-398-7943  |  joann.whalen [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS2-069


WHYTE, Lyle G.

Canada Research Chair in Polar Microbiology, Professor
Polar microbial ecology and biodiversity, cold-adapted microorganisms, low temperature biodegradation and bioremediation. Molecular microbial ecology, environmental genomics.
T: 514-398-7889  |  lyle.whyte [at] (Email)  |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS3-036

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