Metro, a Quebecois company?

Published: 13 November 2023

In answer to a question posed by a reader, La Presse looked into the origins of the Metro group with expert commentary from agricultural economist Pascal Thériault, Director of McGill's Farm...

Hundreds brave harsh weather to honour veterans

Published: 13 November 2023

Undaunted by snow, sleet, and hail, hundreds of people gathered on John Abbott’s Memorial Field to honour Canadian veterans in the annual Remembrance Day ceremony on November 10....

Voices are raised against the hidden substitution of ingredients in foods

Published: 9 November 2023

After "shrinkflation," it's now de-qualification drawing criticism from consumers concerned about marketing ploys that give the impression of getting less for their money. The Trudeau government...

India's millet revival: How the once-neglected seed is making a comeback

Published: 6 November 2023

Millet, once a staple in Indian cooking and agriculture before being superseded by rice, is at the centre of a massive promotional campaign launched by the Indian government....

Birds nesting in agricultural lands more vulnerable to extreme heat, study finds

Published: 25 October 2023

As climate change intensifies extreme heat, farms are becoming less hospitable to nesting birds, a new study found. That could be another barrier to maintaining rapidly eroding biodiversity that...

A flood of ideas from McGill’s Brace Water Centre

Published: 25 October 2023

Located on Macdonald Campus, many would mistake the Brace Water Centre's unassuming office for a private residence. Yet looks can be deceiving – for not only does the Centre boast an extraordinary...

McGill establishes research chair to address climate change in the North

Published: 18 October 2023

As Canadians experience a year of record-breaking wildfires, floods, and extreme heat, experts are warning that these conditions will persist and likely intensify over the coming decades as we...

You are what you eat—and for orcas, that’s bad news

Published: 11 October 2023

Researchers have known for decades that orcas across the North Pacific have harmful pollutants in their system.


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