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Since 1997, the NRM brought together experts in the field of neuroreceptors, offering a vital platform for discussing the latest developments in quantifying neuroreceptors in the human brain through Positron Emission Tomography (PET). The conference has remained at the forefront of methodological advancements, encompassing innovations in brain molecular imaging agents, pharmacokinetic analyses, analytical techniques and clinical applications of PET. Additionally, the NRM continues its dedication to exploring neuroreceptor anomalies in neuropsychiatric and neurological conditions, in addition to novel molecular markers (i.e. enzymes, transporters, etc) for mental health, substance use disorders and neurology.



Welcome to NRM 2024
Warm greetings from the Organizing Committee! We are delighted to extend a cordial invitation to the NRM 2024 conference, scheduled to be held in the captivating city of Montreal, Canada, from May 18 to 21. NRM2024 promises an enriching scientific program and ample opportunities for social interaction, making it an essential event for staying updated on the latest PET research. During this three-day conference, you can look forward to exceptional scientific sessions and engaging social gatherings in the enchanting setting of Montreal.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the PET-PK course, a distinctive educational opportunity for mastering the essentials of PET quantification, led by field-leading experts. This year, the course will take place from May 16 - May 18 2024 at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI, the Neuro), a renowned institution in the realm of neuroimaging.

Our team is diligently preparing for an exceptional conference that promises to be a memorable experience. We eagerly anticipate your arrival in Montreal.

Warm regards,
Dr. Romina Mizrahi (Chair)


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