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The Stones Tour: If these old walls could talk

Ingrid Birker, the Redpath Museum's science outreach co-ordinator, has given this one-hour tour several times a year since 2002, shortly after the publication of What Building Stones Tell, Redpath's guidebook to "the fossils, rocks and minerals of Montreal buildings."

Published: 29 Sep 2008

World's oldest rocks found in Quebec

Canadian and U.S. researchers say they have found the oldest rocks in the world, along the Northern Quebec coast of Hudson's Bay. The rocks are estimated to be 4.28 billion years old, according to a team of researchers from McGill University, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C.

Published: 25 Sep 2008

Brain banks: Crucial for research, clamouring for donors

Brain banks. The work they do is not widely publicized — most people who consider signing donor cards think along the lines of organs such as the hearts and kidneys for transplant — but it's crucial for many researchers trying to understand the causes and characteristics of myriad diseases. The McGill Group for Suicide Studies, for example, uses brain tissue to investigate suicidal behaviour.

Published: 19 Sep 2008

McGill opens doors on new Life Sciences Complex

McGill University offered a sneak peek yesterday of its new Life Sciences Complex, a $73-million facility where 600 scientists in bio-medical, developmental biology and cancer research will be able to work together in state-of-the-art laboratories housed in four buildings.

Published: 17 Sep 2008

Love and infidelity: how our brains keep us from straying

McGill researcher John Lydon and colleagues study exploring how automatic psychological mechanisms kick into action when the eye starts to wander, helping resist temptation and strengthening the relationship -- even without us being aware of it.

Published: 16 Sep 2008

Deaf people feel their way to speech

Anyone who's done a bad Elvis impression knows that contorting your mouth makes talking feel wrong - never mind how ridiculous you sound. People who have lost their hearing use the same sense to retain their speech, new research suggests.

Published: 15 Sep 2008

An essential Quebec contribution to the most powerful particle collider

Wednesday, the excitement was palpable not only in the tunnel containing the world's most powerful particle collider, located on the Franco-Swiss border, but also within McGill University's physics department.

Published: 15 Sep 2008

Journal needs to adapt to the change in online format

In a letter to the editors of the Nature journals, McGill's Linda Cooper writes: "The scientific article in 2008 is on the cusp of change, with one foot in the past and one in the future. Science journals should shed the constraints of the old media and exploit the advantages of the new, to offer readers easy and enjoyable access to the scientific literature."

Published: 15 Sep 2008

Newsweek on Levitin

Neuroscientists may be the rock stars of 21st-century science, but how many of them actually have platinum records to their credit? There's at least one: Daniel Levitin, author of "This Is Your Brain on Music," the 2006 best seller that mixed serious science with discussions of "Ode to Joy" and "Super Freak."

Published: 15 Sep 2008

Kahnawake MD gets research award

Ann Macaulay had been working as an MD in Kahnawake for more than a decade when she began the research on diabetes that would reshape her career - and have an impact on the health of the Mohawk people. The Gazette's Peggy Curran profiles the McGill doctor named Family Medicine Researcher of the Year for 2008 by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Published: 10 Sep 2008

Patent system seen stifling medical breakthroughs

An outdated intellectual property system is preventing lifesaving medicines and cutting-edge technologies from reaching those who need them the most, a leading expert on patents asserted yesterday

Published: 10 Sep 2008

Scientists start world's largest particle collider

International scientists, including researchers from McGill University, celebrated the successful start of their massive particle-smashing machine which aims to simulate the conditions of the "Big Bang" that created the universe.

Published: 10 Sep 2008

Canada weak on worker benefits: Report

Canada is perennially a top-10 finisher in United Nations rankings as one of the best countries in the world to live in. But a new McGill University study indicates that Canada lags behind many other countries on some basic worker benefits.

Published: 2 Sep 2008

Indigenous community in Panama to see carbon payments from forest conservation

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), the Panama-based branch of the Smithsonian Institution, will offset its carbon dioxide emissions by working with an indigenous community to conserve forests and reforest degraded lands with native tree species. The agreement was announced Sunday.

Published: 21 Aug 2008

Personalized immunotherapy to fight HIV/AIDS

Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy and his team from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), in collaboration with Dr. Rafick Sékaly from the Université de Montréal, with ARGOS Therapeutics (North Carolina, US) an industrial partner, have designed a personalized immunotherapy for HIV-infected patients.

Published: 16 Aug 2008